We recently traveled overseas, and left our Tesla parked in the LAX Airport for 15 days. Because there is a lot of activity in the LAX parking garage and sentry mode is activated, my Tesla was losing about 10-20% per day.  So I kept my Tesla plugged in at the LAX EV Charging station, and here’s everything you need to know!  

I also created a Youtube video of this, that can be watched here.

ev charging at LAX
Tesla Charging at LAX

LAX EV Charging Station

The LAX airport is one of the largest EV charging stations in the US, as there are 1,300 EV chargers. They use PowerFlex EV Charging stations. It is easy to use by following these steps: 

Ahead of time: 

  • Reserve EV parking spot on LAX website
  • Ensure you have a Tesla to J1772 Adapter
  • Download Powerflex App on your phone
  • Create a Powerflex account and add funds (charging cost as of Aug 2023 is $0.45/kwh)
At the Airport:
  • Park & plug in J1772 adapter 
  • Open Powerflex App on your phone
  • Scan QR Code (take a picture of it just in case) 
  • Test to confirm that charging works (add funds and start charging on Powerflex app)

Tesla Security Features to Set Up

One of my greatest fears when leaving my Tesla anywhere, especially for a long time, is getting my car broken into (even though the LAX parking garage is gated). Besides removing all valuables from your Tesla, there are a few additional features Tesla has that can minimize someone from actually stealing your Tesla.

  • Turn On Valet Mode
    • Valet mode hides your personal information including your saved home and work addresses. It also limits the speed limit and prevents anyone from opening the front trunk. See my Blog post on “How to Use Tesla Valet Mode.” 
    • You can enable Valet mode on your Tesla phone app, or on the Tesla screen.
tesla phone valet
Turn On Valet Mode
tesla pin
  • Sentry Mode 
    • Ensure that Sentry mode is turned on, and the “View Live Camera via Mobile App” is on also. This will allow you to see the live camera, on your phone, even if you are thousands of miles away. 
    • See my blog post on “How to Use Tesla’s Sentry Mode.”
  • Enable “PIN To Drive” 
    • By enabling PIN to drive, if anyone is able to break into your Tesla, they cannot actually start and drive the car, unless they have your PIN.
  • Set a PIN to Open Glove Box 
    • I’ve heard stories of people who have gotten their car broken into at an airport, and the thief discovers the home address by finding the car registration that’s normally in someone’s glovebox. Setting a PIN prevents someone from finding any documentation located in your glovebox that may have your home address. 
  • Remove all valuables 
    • With theft everywhere nowadays, remove all your valuables especially from plain sight because you just don’t want to tempt anyone to break into your car. 
    • Consider putting up a windshield shade for your car. My favorite one for my Tesla from Heat Shield.
tesla sentry mode
Sentry Mode Activated
tesla valet sentry mode
Turn on "Live Camera via Mobile App"

Items You'll Need

  • J1772 Adapter
    • The EV PoweFlex station uses J7112, so you need the Tesla to J1772 adapter in order to charge your Tesla. 
  • J1772 Charger Lock (aka Anti-Karen Device)
    • If you don’t have a charger lock, anyone (aka a Karen) can easily remove your charger from your Tesla and prevent your car from charging. The J1772 Charger Lock is a must-have Tesla accessory, and I keep it in my Tesla at all times!
tesla charger lock j772
Tesla to J1772 with Charge Lock

Emergency Car Supplies

  • In case of any Tesla issues 
    • Tesla Jack Pads 
      • These jack pads are used if you ever need to rotate your tires or have any maintenance where your Tesla must be lifted up. The jack pads prevent damage to your Tesla battery.
  • In case of flat tire
  • In case 12 volt battery dies
    • Jump Starter 
      • Usually Tesla will notify you if your 12V battery is running low. If you want to be extra cautious, you can consider bringing a jump starter with you,  as a carry-on. You are not allowed to check it in your baggage. See my blog post on “How to Jump Start a Tesla.” 
tesla tire maintenance


Overall, parking your Tesla or any electric vehicle at the LAX EV charging station is easy to do. While it is not the cheapest option (we paid ~$800 for 15 days), but it is convenient and relatively safe. 


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