Tesla cars use a different charging outlet compared to other EV cars.  

The J1772 plugs are the most common plug used in public chargers. You can find these at EVGo, Charge Point, and Electrify America.  However, in order to charge your Tesla in these locations, you need a J1772 Tesla adapter

Luckily, the J1772 to Tesla adapter still comes with your Tesla for free. It should have been provided with your Tesla, on delivery day. If not, you can purchase one on the Tesla website

Charging a Tesla at Charge Point

1) Find a Non-Tesla Charger

I recommend creating accounts for all the major electric charger companies (EVgo, Chargepoint, and Electrify America). Also, I recommend downloading the PlugShare app that allows you to view non-Tesla chargers for free

2) Plug It In

Plug in your J1772 adapter to the Tesla, then plug in the J1772 charger to the adapter. It’s that easy!

j1772 tesla adapter
J1772 Adapter
tesla charger lock
Tesla Charge Lock (aka Anti-Karen device)

Tip For Tesla Owners

 I recommend purchasing the J1772 Lock (aka the anti-Karen device) on AmazonThis prevents a random stranger from unplugging your car from a charger and stealing the charger. You’d be surprised, but this actually happens a lot. 

The device slides over the Tesla adapter.  It locks when your car is locked, and when you unlock the car, you can remove it.

I also created a Youtube video discussing this, so be sure to check it out!


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