If you’re the owner of a Tesla Model X, you may have heard that opening the front and rear doors manually in an emergency situation can be challenging. However it is an essential skill to know, in case your Tesla Model X loses power or the doors won’t open for any reason. Also it’s especially important to teach this to anyone who will be riding in the back seats. Let’s get started!

I created a Youtube Video that demonstrates this, so if you’d like to see that, click here.

tesla model x falcon wing doors

Front Doors

Opening the front doors manually in a Tesla Model X is similar to the Tesla Model 3 and Y. Above the window switches, there’s a manual lever that you can pull up to open the door. It’s important to note that you shouldn’t do this too often, as it can damage your window trim.

tesla manual door
Manual Lever in Front Doors

Falcon Wing Doors

Now, let’s talk about the Tesla Model X Falcon Wing rear doors. These are an engineering marvel that can open in tight spaces and give you full access to the rear seats. However, if your Model X loses power, opening these doors can be a challenge.

The emergency release switches for the Model X Falcon doors are located in a tricky spot, behind the speaker grill.

To remove the speaker grill, pull it straight out on the edges from each side. The speaker grill is held in 4 clips and it can be challenging to remove the first time, so I recommend doing this beforehand to loosen it up. 

Once you remove the grill, you’ll see a metal wire that you can pull to manually open the door. Then, you’ll need to fight against the hydraulics to push the falcon door up and away from you enough to get out.

It’s worth noting that the wire may be tucked behind the speaker grill, which can make it even harder to remove in an emergency. While this prevents vibrations from the speaker, it’s something to keep in mind.

model x speaker g
Emergency Release is Located Behind Speaker Grill
model x speaker
Use Fingers to Lift Speaker Grill
speaker grill clips tesla
Speaker Grill Held in by Clips
tesla model x emergency release wire
Pull on Emergency Release Wire
push up on falcon wing door
Push Up on Falcon Door

Final Thoughts

While it’s good to know how to manually open the falcon wing rear doors in a Model X, it’s worth noting that it can be a challenging task, even for those who are physically fit. In an emergency situation, it’s best to exit through the front doors, as they’re much easier to open manually. 

I hope this quick tip helps you feel more prepared in case of an emergency. Stay safe out there! Don’t forget to check out my Youtube video that demonstrates this all in action.

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