las vegas tesla boring tunnel
Las Vegas Loop - Central Station

I recently visited the Boring Tunnel (Las Vegas Loop) at the Las Vegas Convention Center. It was a fun and unique experience that made getting around Las Vegas much easier!

What Is it?

The Boring Tunnel is an innovative underground transportation system offering rides in sleek Teslas, typically the Model X or Model Y. You don’t drive though, and yes there’s an actual human driver driving (not on full self-driving yet!).  

When Is It Open?

Presently, the tunnel operates exclusively on days featuring conferences or events at the Las Vegas Convention Center, with detailed operating hours available on their official website. You do not need to be a conference attendee to ride the loop. 

Where Does It Go?

The current route spans from Resorts World to key stations within the Las Vegas Convention Center—West Station, Central Station, South Station, and Riviera Station. For a visual guide, refer to the official map

Exciting expansion plans include connecting to the Harry Reid International Airport, Allegiant Stadium, and Downtown Las Vegas. Discover more about the future of Vegas Loop here

The Las Vegas Convention Center is huge, and it takes about 20 minutes to walk from the West Hall to North/Central Hall. However, a Tesla ride through the Boring tunnel takes only 1-2 minutes, making your life easier.

How To Get Tickets

You can book a ticket either online in-advanced, or in-person by scanning the QR code. Tickets currently cost $5.00 per person, and grants unlimited access throughout the day to all stops along the route.

tesla boring tunnel
Las Vegas Loop - Boring Tunnel

Parking at Resorts World

If you are parking at Resorts World, it’s best to park in the parking structure off of Goh Tong Way. Walk towards the Resorts World lobby, pass it, hug the outside, and you will see an indoor entrance to Resort World Loop Station. There’s signs to take the escalator or elevator down directly to the station.

resorts world map to vegas loop
Directions to Resorts World Loop Station

Is It Worth It?

Absolutely! While the Central Station stands out with its mesmerizing LED lights, every station exudes its own charm. The overall experience is nothing short of delightful, and I eagerly anticipate the continued expansion of the Vegas Loop—an innovation that promises even more excitement on the horizon!

tesla las vegas loop
Tesla Model Y at Las Vegas Loop


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