Tesla Navigation has features that can make life easier if you know how to use it. 

I also created a Youtube video on this, so you can check it out here.

1) Shortcut To Home & Work

If you set your home and work address, you can easily navigate to that address with the swipe of a finger. 

Step 1) Add Home and Work Address

  • On Tesla Navigation Screen → “Set Home Address” → “Save as Home” 
  • Repeat for work address

Step 2) Use the shortcut

  • If you’re at home, swipe RIGHT and it’ll take you to work
  • If you’re at work, swipe RIGHT and it’ll take you home! 
tesla set home address
Set Home Address

If you ever want to change the home or work address, press and hold the home or work icon, and then you can input a new address.

tesla edit home or work address

2) Voice Command for Tesla Navigation

You can use voice command to navigate to your destination. Hold down the right scroll wheel (on the steering wheel) and speak to where you want to go (ex- “Take me to Target.”)

tesla voice command
Voice Command to Navigate to Destination

3) Sending A Destination from Phone to Tesla

If you have a destination on Google or Apple maps on your phone, you can simply send it to your Tesla, instead of having to re-input the address in your car. 

Step 1) Open Google or Apple Maps on your phone

Step 2) Input the destination on your phone

Step 3) Click “Share” 

Step 4) Tap the Tesla Phone app

4) Adding a Waypoint

Like other navigation systems, you can also add additional stops along the way to your destination. 

Step 1) With the final destination inputted, click the “

Step 2) Click “Add Stop

tesla destination
Add Additional Stops

5) Automatic Navigation

If you sync your phone to your Tesla (via Bluetooth), Tesla can automatically route you to your destination based on a calendar event, to work, or to home. 

Step 1) On the Tesla screen,  go to “Navigation” → Enable “Automatic navigation” 

  • Now when you enter the Tesla, it’ll automatically navigate to your destination 
tesla sync phone
Sync Calendar Event
tesla automatic navigation
Toggle to enable Automatic Navigation

6) Adding A Tesla Supercharger Stop

There’s different ways to find a supercharger. I also created a blog post on “How To Charge At a Tesla Supercharger”, so check that out too. 

  1. On the right, click the Supercharger icon, and a list of superchargers in the map area will show up
  2. From the navigation menu, click “charging” and the same will occur 
tesla superchargers
Click Supercharger Icon to find list of superchargers

7) Hungry & Lucky

The “I’m feeling Hungry or Lucky” icon will provide a list of popular restaurants (hungry) or destinations (lucky) that you can choose from.

tesla im feeling hungry or lucky
Hungry & Lucky

8) Avoid Range Anxiety

Tesla navigation shows how much battery your Tesla will have when you arrive at your destination.  If you go to the energy graph, it will show you this information. In my experience, it is very accurate and very helpful to avoid range anxiety. 

I also created a Youtube video about “Tips to Avoid Range Anxiety,” so check that out if you’re interested! 


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