Headlights are one of the essential parts of any, especially when it comes to driving at night or in low-light conditions. Today, I will compare the different types of headlights for the Tesla Model Y and Tesla Model 3, and review the Alpha Rex headlights from T Sportline.

I also created a Youtube video of this, that can be viewed here

Types of Tesla Headlights

Reflector Headlights

The Tesla Model Y Long Range has the reflector headlights. They have a weaker light output, wider spread, and glare that can blind oncoming traffic. They are not the best choice, especially in 2023.

tesla reflector headlights
Tesla Reflector Headlights

Projector Headlights

The Tesla Model Y Performance and Tesla Model 3 have projector headlights. Projector housing is a magnified housing that delivers a brighter and cleaner light beam pattern. It doesn’t blind people with glare, because the cut-off is clean. Moreover, the light output is magnified by the housing, which means you get brighter lights that are way safer at night. Most luxury car brands have projectors for their headlights. 

Tesla has updated the fog lights to be projectors in all Tesla vehicles. They have a super clean cut-off against a white wall. The beam pattern looks clean and more focused, with increased light output.

tesla projector headlight
Tesla Projector Headlight

Sequential Headlights

Some car manufacturers, like Audi, have headlights with sequential turn signals. Sequential turn signals not only look cool, but also they are eye-catching, making them more safe. Tesla Headlights do not have sequential turn signals, however, T Sportline offers Alpha Rex headlights that have projectors, with sequential turn signals, and are very bright. 

AlphaREX NOVA Series Headlights (T Sportline)

AlphaRex NOVA-Series headlights from T Sportline are an excellent upgrade for Tesla owners.  They are projector and sequential headlights. T Sportline is a popular Tesla aftermarket wheels companies ever based in Los Angeles. They sell Tesla accessories and even have exclusive distribution rights for Alpha Rex headlights and tail lights. It costs $1650 USD with a two year warranty. 

There’s an option for different colored housing, black and chrome. I went with the black housing, pictured below.  Upgrading headlights to Alpha Rex headlights can seem expensive, but the cost is similar to upgrading to the triple beam LED headlights in the all-new Lexus RX, which cost an additional $1500.

alpha rex t sportline headlights
AlphaRED Nova Series Headlight

Headlight Test Comparision

I wanted to see how the headlights compared in a real life situation on the road. I tested all 3 headlights, the Long Range Model Y Reflectors, Performance Model Y Projectors, and AlphaRex Headlights. I don’t have any fancy equipment, so I am using a light output meter that measures the light in lux. 

I measured the light output at various distances in the garage, a straight road, and open field. 

Here were the results:

tesla headlight test comparison
grass field projector headlight
Reflector Headlight
projector headlight test
Projector Headlight
alpha rex field test
AlphaREX Headlight
alpha rex vs projector headlight test
alpha rex vs reflector headlight test

As you can see, the projector Tesla headlights and the AlphaREX headlights, outperform the reflector Tesla headlights in all categories. Because currently the Tesla Model Y Long Range only comes with reflector headlights, I think upgrading to the AlphaREX headlights are worth it. 


I was able to do the installation of the AlphaREX headlights on my Tesla myself, and I’m not a mechanic at all. There are a few things you need for the install: 

My Youtube video walks through step-by-step on the entire installation, so check that out. Just be aware that doing the headlight installation may void any warranty from Tesla in that area. If you prefer to have someone else do it, T Sportline has installation services in various locations. 


In conclusion, having good Tesla headlights is crucial for safety reasons, especially when driving at night or in low-light conditions. Upgrading to the AlphaRex headlights from T Sportline, can improve light output, focus, and add sequential turn signals, which can make driving a Tesla safer and more enjoyable. 


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