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We took our Tesla Model Y on a road trip from Orange County, California, to Page, Sedona, and Phoenix, Arizona. The scenery was beautiful and Arizona has so much to offer!

When I choose stops for a road trip, the most important things for me are fast charging, clean bathrooms, food options, & dog friendly places. 

Today, I’ll go over our itinerary, including where we stopped to charge, recommendations of where to visit, and where we stayed. 

DAY 1 (Orange County, CA > Page, AZ)

Duration: 8.5 hours (drive time) 

Distance: 538 miles 

Stop 1:  Baker, CA – Charging 

  • Charging: 40 Tesla Superchargers, 150kW 
  • Bathrooms
    • Dairy Queen / Shell 
  • Food
    • Dairy Queen, Jersey Mike’s Subs 
  • Dog Friendly
    • Not really. No grassy areas, litter on the dirt (including broken glass bottles) 
  • Rating 2/5
    •  The low rating is due to this stop not being dog friendly and not very clean bathrooms.  In the past, we have stopped at the Barstow Tesla Superchargers, which I prefer. 
Baker Tesla Supercharger, CA
Baker Tesla Supercharger, CA

Stop 2: Primm, NV – Charging

  • Charging
    • 40 Tesla Superchargers (32 are 250kW, 10 are 150kW) 
  • Bathrooms & Food
    • McDonald’s, Primm Valley Resort & Casino
  • Dog Friendly
    • Yes, there is a designated dog poop station in a grassy area 
  • Rating 5/5
    • Clean bathrooms, dog friendly, fast chargers
tesla primm
Primm Tesla Supercharger, NV (New Chargers Now Open)

Stop 3: Las Vegas – Rest & Food

  • We stopped in Las Vegas to eat, and then continued our trip, but it was very tiring. If you have time, I would recommend staying 1 night in Las Vegas, as there is so much to do there. 
  • Cafe Zupas 
    • We ate at Cafe Zupas because we wanted healthy food options. They have excellent sandwiches, soups, and salads for a reasonable price.  

Stop 4: Mesquite Tesla Supercharger, UT 

  • Charging:
    • 12 Tesla superchargers, 250kW
  • Bathrooms & Food
    • Casablanca resort (clean!) 
  • Dog Friendly 
    • Yes 
  • Rating 5/5 
    • Clean bathrooms open 24/7 
tesla mesquite
Mesquite Tesla Supercharger, UT

Stop 5: St George Tesla Supercharger, UT

  • Charging
    • 10 Tesla superchargers, 150kw
  • Bathrooms & Food 
    • Starbucks, First Watch (excellent brunch spot) 
  • Dog Friendly 
    • No (no grassy areas)
  • Rating 4/5
    • Located in a mall with great food options, but no 24/7 bathrooms 

Stop 6: AirBNB in Page, Arizona 

  • We stayed at an AirBNB in Page Arizona. It was very close to everything, ~10 minutes from Horseshoe Bend, Lower Antelope Canyon, and the Page Tesla Supercharger 
  • I highly recommend this place (not sponsored or affiliated with the hosts at all). It was very clean, dog friendly, and had a large yard with beautiful views. 
page airbnb
AirBNB in Page, AZ

DAY 2 (Lower Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, Sedona)

Day 2 is where the real fun begins! We went to Horseshoe Bend and Lower Antelope Canyon in Page AZ, then headed down to Sedona AZ, and then to Phoenix. 

Horseshoe Bend - Page, AZ

Horseshoe Bend is one of those places that you always see on Instagram, but when you see it in person, it is SO much better! It is a must-visit place if you’re in Page. 

  • Parking
    • $10 Entrance fee. They accept cash or credit card. Large parking lot with plenty of space. I heard it gets crowded for sunset. We went around 7AM and there was plenty of space. 
  • Bathrooms
    • Public restrooms in parking lot
  • Trail
    • Flat, easy ~0.5 mile dirt trail from parking lot to Horseshoe bend overlook (takes ~10-15 minutes 1 year) 
    • Dog friendly
      • It is dog friendly, but at the overlook, there are areas with no fencing/gate, so be sure to hang on to your dog leash!) 
    • No shade  (bring water if it’s hot!) 
horseshoe bend page
Horseshoe Bend - Page, AZ

Lower Antelope Canyon - Page, AZ

Antelope Canyon is absolutely stunning! You have to join a tour, however to see it.  For the Lower Antelope Canyon, there are Dixie’s Lower Canyon Tour and Ken’s Lower Canyon Tour, which are right next to each other. Book ahead of time, as it does get filled up!

  • Parking
    • Dirt parking lot with plenty of spots 
  • Tour
    • Takes ~1 hour and we were broken up into groups of 10-15. We went in May and there are many tours groups. We were able to take plenty of pictures, but it did feel a little rushed. Regardless, it is a must-see location! We had a morning tour at 8:15AM, and there was plenty of light shining into the slot canyon, which made it look beautiful! 
    • There’s a lot of rules, such as you can’t bring Go Pros and backpacks, so read their rules ahead of time. 
    • Also, there are some steep ladders & stairs in the Lower Antelope Canyon, but they all have railings and it felt safe. 
lower antelope canyon
Lower Antelope Canyon - Page, AZ

Stop 3 – Flagstaff Tesla Supercharger – AZ 

  • Charging
    • 24 Tesla superchargers, 250kW 
  • Bathrooms
    • Ferrellgas (clean bathrooms) 
  • Dog Friendly
    • Yes (dirt/tanbark area)
  • Rating 5/5 

Sedona -AZ

Sedona is so beautiful and peaceful,  I wish we spend another day here. It is very dog friendly and there are plenty of hikes to do.  We didn’t have time to hike this trip, but previously we went to West Fork of Oak Creek Trail. 

West Fork of Oak Creek Trail  

This trail is located north of Sedona.  It is a very peaceful and serene hike.  

  • Parking: In parking lot, parking fee  
  • Trail: This is a moderate 6.5 mile out-and-back with multiple shallow stream crossings with plenty of shade. 
  • Dog Friendly: Yes! (on leash)
sedona west oak fork trail
West Fork of Oak Creek Trail, AZ

Stop 5 – AirBNB in Gilbert, AZ 

  • We stayed at this dog-friendly AirBNB that is walking distance to downtown Gilbert. It has an industrial theme with a dog friendly pool. 
airbnb gilbert
AirBNB in Gilbert, AZ

DAY 3-5 (Salt River, Bam Zazam)

Salt River Tubing  – Mesa AZ

  • We went tubing the the Salt River and it was so much fun! We went in early May and the water was perfect. The river had a high current, so hold on to your belongings tightly! (or better yet, leave your belonging at home). A lot of people (myself included) lose items, as there are a few unexpected fast currents! 
  • We parked in the main parking lot, took a bus, rented tubes, and floated down the river. A bus then took us back to our car. Bring water, sunscreen, and water shoes are helpful, also! 
salt river tubing
Salt River Tubing, AZ
salt river tubing
Salt River Tubing, AZ

Bam Kazam – Scottsdale, AZ 

  • This is an incredibly unexpectedly fun challenge course escape room for teenagers and adults. There are 7-8 rooms,  with different puzzles and escapes that require climbing, jumping, and mental thinking. I highly recommend this place! 
bam kazam
Bam Kazam - Scottsdale, AZ

DAY 6 (Phoenix > Orange County CA)

Stop 1: Ehrenberg, AZ Tesla Supercharger

  • Charging
    • 8 Tesla superchargers, 250kW
  • Bathrooms
    • Flying J Travel Center (clean)
  • Food
    • Wendy’s, Cinnabon inside Flying J Travel Center 
  • Dog Friendly
    • Yes, grassy area 
  • Rating 
    • 5/5 for clean bathrooms and dog friendly
tesla supercharger ehrenberg
Ehrenberg Tesla Supercharger, AZ

Stop 2: Indio, CA Tesla Supercharger

  • Charging
    • 36 250kw Tesla Superchargers 
    •  8 150kw Tesla Superchargers
    • 2 72kW Tesla Superchargers
  • Bathrooms & Food
    • Starbucks, Nekter Juice Bar, Waba Grill, Panda Express, McDonalds etc (located in a Plaza)
  • Dog Friendly
    • Yes 
  • Rating
    • 5/5 for clean bathrooms, plenty of food options, and new Tesla superchargers
indio tesla supercharger
Indio Tesla Supercharger, CA


Overall, this was a very fun Tesla road trip. If I were to do it again, I would spend more time in Page and Sedona as there are many things to do there. 

I also created a “Tesla Roadtrip Packing List,” so if you’re interested, be sure to check that out! It is also available on my Etsy shop


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