We took our Tesla Model Y on a roadtrip from Southern California to Oregon along the coast!

The most important things I care about on any road trip are chargers, clean bathrooms, food, & dog friendly places!  In this post, I’ll tell you everywhere we stopped to charge, how the Tesla handled the 2000 mile trip, and all the places we visited.

I also created 2 Youtube videos documenting our journey, you can watch them below:

I also created a “Tesla Roadtrip Packing List,” so if you’re interested, be sure to check that out! It is also available on my Etsy shop

Day 1 (Orange county CA -> Santa Rosa, CA)

Duration: 7-8 hours   (depending if tolls are taken)

Distance: 463 miles

Stop 1: Buttonwillow, CA – Charging

  • Charging: 150kw, 10 Tesla superchargers 
  • Bathrooms: Clean bathrooms in Starbucks and TravelCenter of America (open 24/7, located across the street)
  • Food: Starbucks, Subway, Denny’s 
  • Dog friendly:  Lawn in front of Starbucks 
  • Rating: 5/5 (This is our go-to supercharging stop!)
Buttonwillow Tesla Supercharger

Stop 2: Firebaugh, CA – Charging 

  • Charging: 250kW, 56 superchargers 
  • Bathrooms: Not-so-clean, outdoor, public bathrooms
  • Food: McDonald’s
  • Dog friendly: No particular area for dogs, but dirt on side of road 
  • Rating: 3/5 (due to bathroom)
Firebaugh Tesla Supercharger
Firebaugh Public Restroom

Stop 3: Stockton, CA – Charging 

  • Charging: 250kW, 12 superchargers 
  • Bathrooms:  Hilton
  • Food: Starbucks (bit of a walk)
  • Dog friendly: Yes, large fenced grassy areas
  • Rating: 4/5 
Stockton Tesla Supercharger

Stop 3: Fairfield Inn Rohnert Hotel – Santa Rosa, CA 

  • Charging:  Free Level 2 J1772 chargers  (need adapter
  • Dog Friendly 
  • This is a relatively newer hotel and is clean. We would stay here again!

Day 2 (Santa Rosa, CA -> Coos Bay, Oregon)

Duration: 12 – 14 hours (with multiple stops including hiking x 2)

Distance:  440 miles (along CA/OR coast)

Stop 1: Laytonville – Charging 

  • Charging: 150kW, 8 Tesla superchargers
  • Bathroom: Anna’s Asian Palace (not opened when we arrived), so… nature! 
  • Food: Anna’s Asian Palace, Pour girls coffee 
  • Dog friendly: Yes 
  • Rating: 3/5 due to lack of 24 hr bathrooms, however there is no other Tesla supercharger option nearby

Stop 2: Eureka, CA – Charging

  • Charging: 150kW, 8 superchargers 
  • Bathrooms & Food: McDonald’s Bayshore mall 
  • Dog Friendly: Yes, grass area
tesla supercharger eureka
Eureka Tesla Supercharger

Stop 3: Crescent City, CA – Charging

  • Charging: 150kW, 6 superchargers 
  • Bathrooms: Public restrooms (clean) with a short walk towards the beach (near playground) 
  • Dog Friendly: Yes, tons of grassy areas
Crescent City Beach (walking distance from Tesla Supercharger)
Crescent City Playground (walking distance from Tesla Supercharger)

Stop 4:  Grove of Titans, Redwood National ParkHike 

  • Directions: Road to this trail is a narrow 1 lane dirt road (well maintained). Drive slow! Type “Grove of Titans Trailhead” on Google maps, to go directly to the start of the hike. Surprisingly, GPS reception was available. 
  • Parking: Along the road.  There are tons of trails directly off the road. 
  • Entrance fee: None
  • Hike: 1.3 miles
  • Difficulty: Easy. Out and back trail, well-marked
  • Duration: ~1 hour with stopping to take tons of pictures. Otherwise, 20-30 mins.
  • Bathroom: Public restrooms (port-a-potty dirty!) 
  • Dog friendly: NO.  This is the only place we went to that’s not dog friendly. We left our pups in the Tesla with Dog Mode
Grove of Titans (park alongside road)
Redwoods National Park

Stop 5: Port Orford, Oregon Hike

Beautiful, 1 mile hike along the coast! The views were amazing! It was very windy when we were there. Watch out for poison ivy.

  • Directions: Type in “Port Orford Lifeboat Station” on Google Maps. 
  • Parking: Park in the Cul-de sac, directly in front of the trailhead. Free parking.
  • Bathroom: Port-a-potty
  • Dog Friendly: Yes
  • Hike: ~1 mile 
  • Duration: ~30 minutes
  • Difficulty: Easy
Port Orford Trail

Stop 6 – Bandon, Oregon- Charging 

  • Charging: 150kW, 8 superchargers 
  • Bathrooms: Subway
  • Food: Subway, Rite Aid 
  • Dog friendly: Yes, grass area

Stop 7 – Bay Point Landing, Coos Bay, Oregon  

This place was amazing! If you want to “get away” without feeling dirty in the nature, this place is the place to be! 

Bayfront views in a luxury Tiny home, dog friendly and affordable! 100% recommend and will come back for sure. It felt like glamping on steroids. No issues with heating or water. Note – there are mosquitoes at dawn and dusk, so I recommend bringing mosquito repellent.  

We stayed in the Drift Cabin and there was plenty of room for 2 adults and dogs. 

Charging:  Free Level 2 J1772 chargers  (need adapter)

Drift Cabin
tesla bay point landing oregon
Bay Point Landing, Coos Bay

Day 3 - Sunset Bay State Park, Coos Bay, Oregon

This place is a hidden gem! There’s also a hike where you can go to Simpson Reef (7.5 miles), but we didn’t want to hike that long. Instead we hiked about 2 miles. We found a hidden, secluded beach and let the dogs swim. They had so much fun! This place is so beautiful.  

  • Directions:  “Sunset Bay to Cape Arago Trail” in Google maps.  To find the trailhead, head southwest from the basketball courts.  You’ll cross a small bridge to know you’re on the right track. 
  • Parking: Free in parking lot (park near the basketball court and you’ll see the trailhead) 
  • Dog Friendly: Yes
Sunset Bay State Park
Sunset Bay to Cape Arago Trail

Places to Eat in Coos Bay, Oregon

7 Devils Waterfront Alehouse:  Beautiful atmosphere with Bay-front views.  Great food. Good price ($$). Dog friendly patio (though it is a bit small).

Boat Fish and Chips: Great atmosphere, it really feels like you’re on a boat. Food was okay, but not too expensive ($$). I would rate the food quality a 3.5/5. It’s dog friendly. 

Day 4 - Coos Bay -> Cannon Beach Oregon

Stop 1: Thor’s Well, Spouting Horn, Captain Cook Trail  (Yachats, OR) 

These 3 places are all in the same spot, so directions/parking are the same. I highly recommend stopping here, it is beautiful! 

  • Directions: “Thor’s Well Trail head” in Google Maps
  • Parking: Perpendicular parking right off the 101. There are limited parking spots (~10), so try to go early! Free parking 
  • Hike: 1.0 mile paved trail (stroller friendly, except some stairs at the bottom)
  • Difficulty: Extremely easy, wouldn’t even call it a hike, it’s a paved path 
  • Duration: ~30-45 minutes with taking pictures and exploring
Bridge at Captain Cook Trail
Paved Walkway & Dog Friendly

Superchargers are on the back side of the Lincoln City Outlets

  • Charging: 150kW, 8 superchargers 
  • Bathrooms: Lincoln City Outlets 
  • Food:  Multiple outlet food options
  • Dog friendly: Yes, there’s a patch grass area
Lincoln City Tesla Supercharger

Stop 3: God’s Thumb via The Knoll – Hike 

  • Directions: “The Knoll at Cascade Villages Head Trail” in Google Maps
  • Parking: Park in the Cul-de-sac at the front of the trailhead. Plenty of free parking spots.  
  • Hike: ~ 5 miles 
  • Difficulty: Moderate  
  • Duration: ~2-3 hours 

This trail is poorly marked and  MUDDY, so be prepared! 

When you reach the fork in the road, turn RIGHT to go towards God’s thumb.   

AVOID coming here on a foggy day. We couldn’t even see God’s Thumb, because we hiked up into the clouds.

Foggy Day at God's Thumb (poor visibility)
Muddy Trail to God's Thumb

Stop 4: Tillamook Creamery 

We loved this place. You must get the ice cream! We also got food too, which was delicious! There’s also a free self-guided tour of how they make their famous Tillamook cheese!  This place gets crowded. We came around 2pm, and by then they ran out of some of the food options (ex tomato bisque soup). 

Chargers: Free charging with 2 Tesla Wall chargers, 4 Level 2 J1772 chargers 

Dog friendly: Not inside; but dogs are able to be on the outdoor seating areas and grassy areas. 

Tillamook Ice Cream (3 scoops)
Tillamook Creamery

Stop 5: Hallmark Hotel in Cannon Beach, OR 

We love this hotel!  It is an older hotel, but they did renovate it. It is a beachfront, located directly in front of the famous Haystack Rock (which is home to diverse birdlife and tide pools). The location is very convenient and is walking distance many great restaurants and coffee shops. 

Charging: 2 Free Level 2 standard J1772 chargers (located in the underground garage)

Dog friendly: Yes! There is a convenient dog potty area and a hose with hot and cold water to clean off the dogs! After the dogs swam at the beach, we were able to wash them here.

Washing our Dogs at Hallmark Hotel
Beachfront Hotel
Haystack Rock (view from our balcony)
2 J1772 Chargers (complimentary)
Hallmark Hotel, Cannon Beach

Day 5 - Cannon Beach, Oregon

We decided to relax this day and enjoy the ocean front view of Haystack rock! 

We went to Seaside Outlets and bought some nike socks since my Golden Retriever puppy keeps eating my socks. 

We also stopped by Costco. If you’re a coffee lover, I recommend getting some coffee from there!  Also, they sell tons of Oregon/Washington specific snacks.

Day 6 - Cannon Beach Oregon -> Medford

Mainly a driving day. We passed through Portland, and there are a TON of things to do there, so if you haven’t been, I’d recommend at least spending a day in Portland! Some of our favorites include: 

  • Adidas Employee Store 
  • Nike Employee Store (need to have a connection to a nike employee) 
  • Multnomah Falls (dog friendly!)
  • Silver Falls State Park (Not dog friendly, there are many trails. I highly recommend a short ~1 mile hike to an awesome waterfall pictured below)
Silver Falls State Park

Stop 1: Salem, OR  (Charging) 

  • Charging: 250kW, 12 superchargers 
  • Bathrooms: Target 
  • Food:  Multiple food options including Crumble cookie (across the street) 
  • Dog friendly: Yes, grass area

Stop 2:  Myrtle Creek, OR (Charging)   

  • Charging: 250kW, 8 superchargers 
  • Bathrooms: Tractor Supply (dogs allowed), Grocery outlet, McDonalds  
  • Food:  McDonalds 
  • Dog friendly: Yesgrass area in front of McDonalds

Stop 3:  Fairfield Inn, Medford 

  • Charging: Free 2 Tesla Destination chargers, 2 J1772 chargers (1 out of order). Note, this place got packed when people starting checking in. We noticed there were several Teslas in the parking lot.
  • Dog friendly: Yes
Fairfield Inn, Medford
Myrtle Creek Tesla Supercharger

Day 7 - Medford --> San Jose, CA

Stop 1: Cottonwood, CA  (Charging) 

  • Charging: 250kW, 12 superchargers 
  • Bathrooms: Holiday market  
  • Food:  Subway
  • Dog friendly: No grassy areas
Cottonwood Tesla Supercharger

Stop 2:  Williams, CA (Charging)

  • Charging: 250kW, 12 superchargers 
  • Bathrooms: Granzellas 
  • Food:  Granzellas 
  • Dog friendly: Yes, there’s a grass area

Stop 3: San Ramon, CA (Charging)

  • Charging: 150kW, 16 superchargers 
  • Bathrooms: Target, Peet’s 
  • Food:  Peet’s 
  • Dog friendly: Yes, there’s a grass area. Also if you want a short walk, there’s a nice nearby park with public restrooms as well.

Stop 4: Elements Hotel, San Jose, CA 

We love the Elements Hotel line. They are dog friendly, modern, and clean.  Also, they include a water purification system, which is an added plus!

  • Charging: 3 Chargepoint chargers available, complimentary for hotel guests 
  • Dog friendly: Yes
Elements Hotel
Modern Bathroom
Comfortable Beds

Day 8 – San Jose -> Home

Stop 1: Kettleman City, CA   (Charging) 

  • Charging: 250kW, 40 superchargers 
  • Bathrooms: Tesla Lounge 
  • Food:  Starbucks, Bravo Farms, Dennys
  • Dog friendly: Yes, there’s a dedicated dog relief area 

ALTERNATIVE Stop 1: Bravo Farms at Kettleman City, CA  

 *Our favorite Tesla supercharger. Located across the stress from the stop above. 

  • Charging: 250kW, 55 superchargers 
  • Bathrooms: Starbucks, Bravo Farms 
  • Food:  Starbucks, Bravo Farms 
  • Dog friendly: Extremely! There’s even an actual dog park and a fun kid-play area!
bravo farms kettleman city dog park
Dog Park at Bravo Farms Kettleman City
bravo farms kettleman city

Stop 2: Tejon Ranch, CA (Charging) 

  • Charging: 150kW, 25 superchargers 
  • Bathrooms: Petro’s (across the street), Chipotle, Starbucks 
  • Food:  Chipotle, Starbucks 
  • Dog friendly: Yes there’s a grass area

Alternative to stop 2: Tejon Ranch Outlets (across the freeway) 

  • Charging: 250kW, 56 superchargers 
  • Bathrooms:   Outlet at Tejon Parkway  
  • Food:  Outlet at Tejon Parkway  (Auntie Annies, Cinnabon) 
  • Dog friendly: Yes 
Tejon Ranch Outlets Tesla Supercharger

Packing List

Don’t forget to check out my “Tesla Roadtrip Packing List!” It is also available on my Etsy shop. Safe Travels!


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