I’ve had my Tesla Model Y since March 2021 and have logged over 50,000 miles. We take the Tesla Model Y everywhere. So many people have asked me, do I regret buying a Tesla?

I also created a Youtube video on this, that you can view here

tesla model y

The Good

Since I got a Tesla Model Y, my life has never been the same. From futuristic technology, convenience, and gas savings, the Tesla Model Y is a great car. 

Convenience. When I get home each day, I plug in my Tesla to my Tesla Wall connector, and schedule my charging. Then, when I wake up every morning, I have a full battery. Gone are the days that I have to stop at a gas station or wait in the long Costco gas lines. 

Maintenance. Maintenance is also very easy. I created another blog post on maintenance, so check that out here. With Tesla cars, you don’t need oil change because there’s no oil and there’s no timing belt. Also, if you do need to service your Tesla, Tesla mobile service can come directly to you.

Technology. Tesla is literally a computer on wheels. I love full self-driving and autopilot.  The car drives on its own on long road trips, reducing driver fatigue, so when I arrive at my destination I’m ready to enjoy my vacation. Tesla is constantly pushing out software updates over the air that makes the Tesla better and better over time. I don’t have to wait to upgrade to next year’s car model to get a better car. I can just get it by connecting my Tesla to wifi

Charging Network. Tesla has a vast, well-planned supercharging network, especially in the United States. There are chargers everywhere. I have taken my Tesla on many road trips from Southern California to Oregon, Zion National Park, Tucson, Lake Tahoe, Mammoth Lakes, and Las Vegas. Each time, I haven’t had any issues with running out of charge or “range anxiety.”

Buying Process. I love that with Tesla cars, the price is fixed and ordered online. There’s no such thing as negotiating or bargaining with a car salesman and worrying about getting ripped off. I wrote  a blog post on the process of How to buy a Tesla


coalinga tesla supercharger
Tesla Supercharger

The Not-So-Good

While overall I’ve been happy with my purchase, there have been some issues and Tesla is by no means perfect. 

From Day 0 of owning my Tesla, I encountered my first major issue. Not an issue with the car, but I got double-charged for my Tesla Model Y.  I literally somehow paid for the 2 Model Ys, and only took home one. It wasn’t because I double tapped the “pay button” or because it was a pending charge. I made a Youtube video on it and even appeared on the news (article here).  There was a major fluke that day, and several other Tesla owners got double-charged too. Tesla compensated me for my inconvenience, and since then, I haven’t heard of that happening to anyone else. 

tesla double charge owners news
Everyday Chris on the News

Another major issue I ran into a little over 1 year after having my Tesla, was that my high voltage giant battery died. I wasn’t able to charge the Tesla or drive it for over a week. I went out for a meal one day, and when I came back to the car, I got a notification on the screen that said “charge level reduced ok to drive.” When I got home, I placed the Tesla charger in, but saw a Red Tesla sign and on the screen it said “unable to charge.” Luckily, my battery was still covered under warranty, so Tesla fixed it (provided a refurbished battery) for free.

There were also minor fit and finish issues too, that Tesla has tried to fix, but weren’t able to. 

For example, my Tesla trunk opens, then sags down a little bit. I took it into service and they tried to fix it, but it still sags. My wife doesn’t care because it doesn’t affect her, but for my 6’3” self, I hit my giant head into the trunk because of this issue. 

There’s also inconsistent quality control and fit and finish issues that came with the car. For example, one of my door handles was recessed and a jagged looking trunk piece. These were fixed by Tesla without issues. Check out my Tesla Delivery Day Checklist, if you’re planning on getting a Tesla. 

tesla red charging logo
Red Light = Fault Detected
tesla unable to charge
High Voltage Battery Died

Asking Tesla Owners

I have a lot of neighbors who have gotten a Tesla and have had ZERO issues. So I started to wonder, is it just me? Am I a black sheep?

I decided to do a survey on 10 of my neighbors with Tesla cars and here were the results.

tesla owners survey

The results are pretty surprising. Most of my neighbors had minor issues, but none of those issues affected driving. Some of them even had no issues! Overall, they are all very happy with their Tesla. 

Final Thoughts

Do I regret buying my Tesla Model Y? No. I think if I had to take my car in for service more often, then I’d say the quality of the cars aren’t worth the headache, but honestly it hasn’t been that bad. 

Despite the 2 major black sheep issues I had with my Tesla Model Y, I’m still such a big fan of Tesla that I even recently got a Tesla Model X.


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