The Tesla Model Y is one of the most popular electric cars. It comes in 2 options – the Tesla model Y Long Range and Tesla Model Y Performance. The Performance costs $4,000 more, so is it worth it? Today, I’ll go over what the differences are and help you decide. 

I also created a Youtube video, that you can view here.

tesla model y performance versus long range


The Tesla Model Y Long Range goes from 0-60 seconds in 4.8 seconds, which is pretty fast. However, the Tesla Model Y Performance blasts from 0-60 seconds in only 3.5 seconds. It can beat cars that are double or triple times the cost.

Exterior Appearance

From afar, the two cars look almost the same. However, the Tesla Model Y Performance has a few sexy exterior differences. 

1. Rims. The Tesla Model Y Long Range comes standard with 19 inch gemini wheels or you can upgrade to 20 inch induction wheels. The Performance comes with the giant 21 inch uberturbine wheels with red performance brake calipers. However note is that because the rims are so big, it is easier to curb rash them.

tesla model y uberturbine
Uberturbine Performance Rims with Red Brake Calipers
model y performance curb rash
Larger Rims are easier to get Curb Rash

2. Headlights.  The Performance comes with Matrix LED headlights whereas the Long Range comes with the projector headlights. The Matrix LED headlights allow for a cleaner headlight spread, as well as possible future updates for more safety features with high beams on. Some car manufacturers charge extra money for Matrix LED headlights.

tesla matrix headlights
Matrix LED Headlights on Model Y Performance

3. Accessories. The Performance also comes with a carbon fiber spoiler, slightly lowered suspension, aluminum foot pedals, and a red line under the “Dual Motor” logo. However, you can get aftermarket carbon fiber spoiler and aluminum foot pedals, for a fraction of the cost, which is what I did.

tesla spoiler
Carbon Fiber Spoiler
tesla performance foot pedal
Aluminum Foot Pedals

Delivery Date

If you’re in a rush to get your Tesla Model Y, then it’s typically faster to get the Performance model.

Right now, if you order a Tesla Model Y Long Range, the delivery date is at least several months out. However, if you want a  Model Y Performance, you can get it now or within 1 month. 


The Tesla Model Y Long Range has 330 miles versus the Performance has 303 miles

On road trips, there are Tesla superchargers everywhere along major highways, so you don’t need to be concerned about that difference in range unless you’re traveling in a rural area.

However, with daily driving, you don’t want to charge your Tesla to 100% everyday, because it can drain your battery overtime. See my blog post on How to Maximize your Tesla Range

I typically charge my Tesla Model Y Long Range (with 19in wheels) to 80% – 90%, which is ~264 miles of daily usable range versus ~242 miles with the Model Y performance. 

Also, don’t forget about battery degradation. After driving your car for a bit, battery cells become less effective, and it’s typical to lose ~5-10% of range over the years. This means ~230 miles of range on the Performance and ~251 miles on the Long Range.


Now, getting a fast new car is nice, you floor it, and it gives you a thrill like no other. But eventually you realize that every time you floor it, your tires wear down faster and those bad boys aren’t cheap. So considering that, having a 3.1 second car isn’t really necessary as the Model Y Long Range can still easily get you on the freeway on ramp or pass a slow car. 

The Model Y Performance, it with the Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4, which are super grippy tires. Also, you get the large 21 inch rims with the Performance. However, because the rims are so big, the ride is bumpier.


In the past, my wife had a sports car and the one thing she hated about it was the tires. First, there are different size tires in the front and rear. This makes tire rotations kind of pointless as you can only cross rotate. This leads to uneven and faster wear, and overall needing to pay more for tires. Also, because the tires are different sizes, it was more difficult to find the size she needed in stock. It was a headache and made life more difficult. The Model Y Performance has different sized tires in the front and the back, so be aware of this. 

I created a Youtube video going over a Tires Guide for your Tesla, so check that out if you’re interested.


Lastly, don’t forget about one thing that all of us need, car insurance. Because the Model Y performance is a performance model and so the car insurance is also more expensive.

Of course there’s many factors that affect car insurance costs such as coverage, mileage, location, age etc, but this is just another factor.

Final Thoughts

In the end, choosing the Tesla Model Y Performance over the Long Range comes down to how fast you need the car, price, range, speed, and tires.  If I were to do it all over again, I would still pick the Long Range, but that’s just my personal preference.


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