We did Tesla road trip to Tucson, Arizona which is 500 miles from Orange County, California to Tucson, Arizona. In this post, I’ll go over all the places we stopped to charge as well as tourist destinations that we went to. 

Driving Duration: 7 hours 

Total Time: 8 hours (~1 hour of charging) 

Distance: 500 miles

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tesla road trip tucson mt lemmon

Charging Stops from Orange County, CA to Tucson, AZ

Stop 1: Cabazon, CA – Morongo Trail Tesla Supercharger

  • 12 Tesla superchargers
  • 250kW
  • Bathrooms:  Morongo Travel Center (very clean and new!)
  • Dog Park available 
  • I love this supercharger because it’s clean, new, very dog friendly, and feels very safe (security guards present due to slot machines in the Morongo Travel center)
morongo tesla supercharger
Morongo Tesla Supercharger
morongo dog park
Dog park at Morongo stop

Alternative to Stop 1: Cabazon Supercharger

  • 16 Tesla Superchargers
  • 150kW
  • Bathrooms: McDonald’s, Desert Hills Premium Outlets

Stop 2: Ehrenberg, AZ Tesla Supercharger

  • 8 Tesla superchargers
  • 250kW
  • Bathrooms:  Flying J Travel Center (clean)
  • Food: Wendy’s, Cinnabon
tesla supercharger ehrenberg
Ehrenberg Tesla Supercharger

Stop 3:  Buckeye, AZ Tesla Supercharger

  • 12 Tesla superchargers
  • 250kW
  • Bathrooms:  Carls Jr
  • Food: Carls Jr, Panda Express (short walk),  McDonalds (across the street)
tesla supercharger buckeye
Buckeye Tesla Supercharger

Alternative to Stop 3: Quartzsite, AZ Tesla Supercharger

  • 36 Tesla superchargers
  • 250kW
  • Bathrooms: Carl’s Jr
  • Food: Carls Jr

Stop 4:  Tucson, AZ – West River Road Tesla Supercharger

  • 16 Tesla superchargers
  • 250kW 
  • Bathrooms:  Firehouse Subs 
  • Food: Firehouse Subs, Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburger, Pinkberry, Jimmy’s Pita & Poke, Popeyes Louisiana, Kitchen
tesla supercharger tucson
Tucson Tesla Supercharger

Things to Do in Tucson, AZ

Mt Lemmon Scenic Byway

  • Overlooks 
    • There are many overlooks to stop at along the way to Mt Lemmon, that have fantastic views!  Babad Do’ag Scenic Overlook and Windy Point Vista (has bathrooms). 
  • Hiking at Sunset Trail 
    • 2.4 miles, out and back
    • Parking: Free parking off Solder Camp Road in designated parking spots.  (32.427599, -110.741735)
    • Bathrooms: None
    • This is a beautiful trail that is moderately challenging that leads to a water hole. The start of the trailhead is a little confusing. Head west, and you’ll see a sign indicating the trail is there. From there, the trail is easy to follow.
    • Dog Friendly: Yes, on leash
      • The trail is full of sharp rocks, so if your dog has sensitive paws, I recommend putting dog shoes on.
  • Tips 
    • The weather is colder than Tucson, so plan accordingly! 
    • Due to the elevation, the 2.4 mile hike was much harder than a regular 2.4 mile hike. Bring plenty of water and snacks!
mt lemmon scenic byway
Mt Lemmon Byway
mt lemmon sunset trail
Sunset Trail

Colossal Cave Mountain Park

  • These caves were so much fun! There is no self-guided cave tour, so you either have to choose the Classic Cave Tour or the Ladder Tour. We did the Ladder Tour, which I highly recommend. We climbed up and down a few ladders and  scrambled over rocks. It wasn’t scary, nor difficult. I have claustrophobia and a fear of heights, but it was still easy to do. The tour guides are extremely helpful and accommodating. Of note, in the beginning of the cave, the air was a bit stuffy, so I felt a little nauseous. However, that sensation went away after a few minutes when we descended further, and the air actually felt better.
  • What to Wear
    • Shirt/Tank and Long pants
      • Long pants are recommended because you have to scoot sometimes in the ladder tour)
    • Temperature is always ~70 degrees inside the caves 
  • Tips
    • Book a reservation online in advanced
    • Bring gloves (required). Helmet and headlamp were provided
    • Bring cash for tips 
    • Try the prickly pear lemonade at the food stand, it was delicious!
colossal caves mountain park
Colossal Mountain Cave
colossal caves mountain park
Ladder Tour
colossal caves mountain park ladder tour
Ladder Tour
prickly pear lemonade
Prickly Pear
colossal caves
Ladder Tour (Helmet & Light provided)

Where To Eat


  • Handcrafted pasta located near University of Arizona 
noodies bolognese and vodka pasta

Noodleholics – Delicious Chinese noodles and noodle soup

Baja Cafe – Delicious Breakfast and Brunch Place

Bear Canyon Pizza 

Postinos – Wine, Beer, Food

Borderlands -Brewery

Boxyard– Brewery 

The Monica – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinnr


We stayed at an AirBnb in Tucson. I was able to charge my Tesla using a standard outlet in the garage, without issues.

It’s in a convenient location with food and grocery stores nearby. The neighborhood felt safe and the house is private. It’s very dog and kid friendly and has a heated pool. It even has a guesthouse (casita) that comes with the stay! 

tucson airbnb
tucson airbnb
tucson airbnb
tucson airbnb

Final Thoughts

Overall, our Tesla Road trip to Tucson was a great trip! I didn’t have any issues with charging or range anxiety. 

Don’t forget to check out my“Tesla Roadtrip Packing List!” It is also available on my Etsy shop


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