I love Tesla because of the vast Tesla supercharger network. There are so many Tesla superchargers available throughout the US, that you almost never have to worry about running out of range. 

Tesla makes supercharging simple and easy, for an everyday person to use. 

I also did a Youtube video, that you can watch below:  

tesla barstow supercharger
Tesla Supercharger at Barstow, CA

1) How to Find a Tesla Supercharger

On your Tesla screen, click the gray lightning icon, to find a Tesla supercharger on the map. Then, a list of nearby Tesla superchargers will show up. Click the one you want to navigate to. 

*TIP – Input your GPS destination directly to that supercharger. This enables the car to “precondition the battery,” which makes charge time faster

tesla supercharger icon screen
Tap Gray Lighting Icon to find Superchargers
List of Nearby Tesla Superchargers

Each Tesla supercharger has details including:

  • Voltage (ex 250kW, 150kW, 72kW)
  • Number of stalls available
  • Charging price rates
  • Wait time (if any)
  • Specific instructions (ex bathroom code)
  • Point of interest 

Some Tesla superchargers have variable charging rates depending on time (more expensive at peak times). 

tesla charging rates
Variable Charging Rates

2) Arriving at a Tesla Supercharger

The Tesla charging port is located posterior to the left reardoor. For most superchargers, you will reverse back into the spot. However, there are some where you simply pull through. 

Tip #1: Avoid parking next to neighboring cars. 

  • This is because neighboring stalls (ex 2A, 2B) share a circuit. So if 2 cars are charging, it will take longer to charge. 

Tip#2: Make sure to move your car after charging. Otherwise, there are idle fees. 

  • Your Tesla app on your phone will also notify you when charging is complete.
tesla supercharger neighboring car
Neighboring Stalls share a circuit, which can increase charge time

Plug the Tesla supercharger directly into your car, and you’re good to go! 

Payment:  No payment method is needed as it is linked to your Tesla account. Just make sure your Tesla account has a credit card number saved.

You can see a history of your Tesla Supercharging on your phone Tesla app. Go under “Account” –> “Charging” –> “History

tesla car charging
Tesla Charging
tesla supercharging cost
Charging History


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