If you didn’t know, all Tesla models don’t have air vents. So if you have a traditional air freshener, there isn’t anything in the Tesla that the air freshener can clip onto. Also, if you’re like me and get headaches easily, you may want a natural scent that is free of harsh chemicals. That is why I started looking into other options and I discovered Drift. 

drift air freshener everyday chris

This is not a sponsored post. I’ve been using Drift air fresheners in my Tesla Model Y for 2 years now, and I have had a great experience with them, which is why I want to write this post. 

I am part of their affiliate program, which means if you use my discount code (everydaychris10) to get 10% off, I receive a small commission (which helps support this blog). 


Drift is a company that creates car air fresheners, candles, reed diffusers, and room sprays with unique and natural scents. Per their website , their scents are free from traditional chemicals and phthalate and paraben free. 

Their motto is to “give a damn” and they really do make air fresheners that are different and smell amazing. It’s honestly been a game changer for me, and I’m so happy I subscribed to their monthly scents as it keeps my nose happy and my mood positive with different scents every month.


They have their standard scents and they have a “Scent of the month.” The “Scent of the month” changes every month, which keeps your car smelling fresh and different each month.  I love Drift’s monthly subscription. All of their scents change every month and they deliver it right to your door. You can also change the scents up to your liking.

From their Standard scents, Amber is one of my favorites. It has a hint of lavender and sage, making it smell pleasant and refreshing. Cabana has a coconut, banana boat sunscreen smell to it that makes me feel like I’m in Hawaii. Coffee was previously a scent of the month, but it was so popular that they made it a staple item and it really does smell like coffee. Grove has a nice fresh citrus scent that doesn’t smell fake or nasty. It’s actually super pleasant.

Car Fresheners

Since Tesla cars don’t have air vents, Drift’s car fresheners come with a metal clip that attaches to your sun visor. It fits perfectly on both the Tesla Model X and Y. 

drift tesla model y
Drift in Tesla Model Y
drift tesla model x
Drift in Tesla Model X

You can then choose either a wood or stone freshener that contains the scent. The wood and stone fresheners have a magnet at the back that attach to your metal clip. 

The wood they use is reclaimed, so it’s easily recyclable and every wood air freshener looks slightly different.

Also, Drift also does a great job with their packaging. Everything is clean with an explanation of your scents and it really provides an experience.

drift freshener wood
Drift Freshener - Wood
drift freshener stone
Drift Freshener - Stone

How Long Does it Last?

Drift says their scents last about a month and in my experience of having Drift products for 2 years, 1 month is pretty accurate.  

Week 1: The scent has a strong smell during the 1st week. However it is not too strong, so it does not cause me to have headaches. 

Week 2: The scent is perfect. You can smell it, but it doesn’t sting the nostrils.

Week 3:  Scent is starting to wear off, so if you’ve never smelled it before, you can smell it. But if you’re already used to the scent, then you’ll  smell it less. 

Week 4: Scent has pretty much worn off, unless you put your nose right up against the air freshener.

The beauty of Drift is that if you have their subscription, by the time 1 month is up, you get a new scent delivered to your door. So your Tesla will always be smelling fresh! 

Home Products

drift room spray reed diffuser candle
Drift - Room Spray, Reed Diffuser, Candle

Room SprayThey have different scents, but I like the PSL, which smells like pumpkin spice and is perfect for thanksgiving or the holidays. You can use it to freshen up your car, a room in your home, or use it as poo pourri after you do your business.  I have found that 2-3 sprays is enough to clear the air of any lingering scents. Just like any other aerosol scents, the scent does fade away after 20-30 minutes. I love the black look which makes it feels more premium and looks minimalistic. 

Reed Diffuser. You buy just one or you can go with their subscription plan, which is cheaper and delivers every 2 months.  This is perfect because it lasts about 2 months. It comes with different scents and a beautiful matte glass bottle with black reeds. I love the look of it, and gives off a steady neutral scent without any artificial chemicals. 

Candle. I love that their candle wax is a soy wax blend made with essential oils with a cotton core wick. It smells great and is natural. It is not too overbearing. I do wish it came with a lid however, so the smoke doesn’t get everywhere. They claim a 25-45 hour burn time and I found it lasted a while. It also comes in this beautiful matte black ceramic base. 

Overall Thoughts

I’ve had Drift products for 2 years now and I am still loving their scents. Their natural scents and minimalistic looks leave your Tesla and home smelling and looking great without having to worry! Also, their customer service is great. One of my stone air fresheners was broken upon arrival and it showed the magnets wedged in between. I sent them a simple email, and they sent me another one, no questions asked.

If you decide to purchase from Drift’s website, use my code for 10% OFF (everydaychris10)

I also created a Youtube Video of my review of the Drift Goods products, that can be viewed here


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