In December 2022, Tesla came out with an over-the-air software update that allows the 2022 and 2023 Tesla Model X and Tesla Model S to play Steam Games. Honestly, this is one of the coolest features about having a Tesla. Tesla is constantly updating their technology to make the experience more enjoyable. I mean who would have thought you could actually play video games in a Tesla?!

I also created a Youtube video of this that shows my setup and Playing Hogwarts Legacy in the Tesla Model X. 

playing hogwarts legacy in tesla

Which Tesla Models are Compatible?

You can play video games in a Tesla Model S/3/X/Y. However, you are limited to the set video games under “Arcade” that come with the car and you don’t need a premium subscription to play. 

The 2022 and newer Tesla Model S/X now have a powerful GPU with extra RAM that can support Steam games. This means, you can even play Hogwarts Legacy in the Tesla! 

tesla arcade
Tesla Arcade that comes with all Tesla Models

Set Up

In order to play Steam games in the Tesla, you need a few things: 

1. Premium Connectivity subscription.

This costs $10 per month or $99 per year. I have the Premium Connectivity subscription anyways because I use it for live traffic visualization, live sentry mode, video and music streaming.

2. Game Controller

You can use a Playstation or XBox 360 controller, as long as it has Bluetooth. Personally, I’ve been using a Wireless Game Controller by Jowua, which also supports Bluetooth. 

To enable bluetooth on the Jowua controller, flip the switch to “X.” Then go to your Tesla screen, go to Bluetooth and search for the device. Hold down the top button on the controller, until the Tesla makes the Bluetooth connection. Alternatively, if you want to plug it in directly, it will work as well. 

It can be purchased on Amazon or directly from the Jowua Website (use code EVERYDAYCHRIS for 5% OFF). 

tesla jowua wireless game controller
Jowua Wireless Game Controller
set up jowua game controller
Set up Bluetooth (Toggle to X, Press & Hold Circle Button)

3. 1 TB Solid State Drive 

All Tesla Models come with a small USB stick. However, it does not have much storage, especially if you want to store more sentry mode footage and play games. Tesla sells the 1TB SSD on their website. However, I purchased a cheaper SanDisk 1TB SSD on Amazon for a fraction of the price. I’ve been using this one for both my Tesla Model Y and Model X, and I haven’t had any issues. 

sandisk 1tb storage
1TB SSD compatible with Tesla

Overall Thoughts

So now you can start playing video games in your Tesla! I just bought Hogwarts Legacy and it works seamlessly without any lag and great graphics. If you want to see my play Hogwarts Legacy in the Tesla, then check out my Youtube video


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