If you want to charge your Tesla at a EV charging station such as EVgo or Electrify America, then you’ll want to use a Combined Charging System (CCS) for faster charging. However, you must use a Tesla CCS Adapter.

With a CCS charger, the Tesla can get up to 250kW, which is much higher compared to the standard J1772 Level 2 charger. 

Tesla CCS Combo 1 Adapter is available in the US on the Tesla Website

ev go charging station
EVgo with CCS Charging

I created a Youtube video about the CCS Adapter that you can watch:

Is your Tesla compatible?

The newer Teslas are compatible with CCS charging. 

However, you can quickly check by going into “Software” → “Additional Vehicle Information“, and it should say “CCS adapter support: Enabled.”

tesla ccs adapter compatibility
Check for CCS Adapter Compatibility


The Tesla CCS Adapter costs $250 on the US Tesla Website. However, it is often sold out. 

Lectron offers their own CCS Adapter for a cheaper price. I’ve tested theirs out and it functions the same as Tesla’s. 

tesla ccs adapter
CCS Combo 1 Adapter

How Fast Does the Tesla CCS Adapter Charge?

Tesla cars can support up to 250kw of charging power, but only if the battery is super low,  typically~10%. Anything above that, it throttles lower. 

When I arrived at an EVGo, 350kW charging station.  I had 17% Tesla battery, and charged up to 47%, and it took 9 minutes. The maximum charge my car got was 189kW, which is pretty good. 

tesla ccs adapter
Using CCS Adapter at EVgo
tesla ccs
188kW Charging power

TIP:  Tesla will not precondition the battery if you input the GPS destination to a CCS station. I recommend finding the closest Tesla supercharger, and inputting the destination, so the Tesla can precondition the battery. This allows your battery to charge faster when you arrive at the CCS charging station.

Final Thoughts

Tesla Superchargers are vastly available so for the most part, I rarely have to charge at a 3rd party charger.

However, having the Tesla CCS Adapter is helpful back up in case there is no Tesla Supercharger nearby. 


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