Tesla is offering the choice between Yoke and Round steering wheel in the Model X and Model S. There is no difference in price, so you might be wondering which one should you get? In today’s blog post, I’ll be going over the differences with the yoke steering wheel, so you can decide which is best for you.

I also created a Youtube video of this that can be viewed here

tesla yoke steering wheel
Yoke Steering Wheel

Round Steering Wheel

First off, let’s talk about the standard round steering wheel. I have the round steering wheel on my Tesla Model Y and it has indents for added comfort. It’s made of soft vegan leather, and it is a traditional round steering wheel with gear stalks on the sides. It has two small metal buttons to control the infotainment.

One major issue with having the round steering wheel is that in the Tesla Model X and S, the center dash display shows a lot of information. However, the round steering wheel can decrease visibility of the display.

tesla sentry mode
Round Steering Wheel on Tesla Model Y

Yoke Steering Wheel


The Yoke steering wheel is U-shaped with the bottom being straight. There are indents at the top, that allow you to place your hands at the 9 and 3 o’clock position.


The conventional way of driving is placing your hands in the 9 and 3 o’clock position, which the Yoke steering allows you to do. But, when making right or left turns and especially with U-turns, it’s a little harder to do with a yoke steering wheel since you don’t have the full circle for leverage. 

With Tesla cars, you can choose different steering modes ranging from comfort, standard, and sport. I love sport mode on the Model Y as it provides great handling, but it does make the steering stiff. However, with the yoke steering wheel on the Model X, sport steering makes the steering too stiff to quickly perform tight maneuvers. I prefer putting it in comfort or standard steering, which makes tight turns easier and possible with one hand. 

Another thing to be aware of is that with a yoke steering wheel,  when you’re turning, the buttons like your turn signals are upside down. The most common scenario of when this matters is when you’re in a busy parking lot and trying to use the turn signal to reserve a parking spot. 

The turn signals are then upside down or in a weird position, and may be confusing. Overall with practice, it becomes so much easier and honestly I can’t go back.  

tesla yoke steering
Yoke Steering Allows for 9 and 3o'clock positions

Differences in Tesla Model S/X

No Gear Stalk

Both yoke and round steering wheels in the Tesla Model Y and S have no gear stalks. Instead, you have to shift gears via the screen display. Swipe up to go forward and down to go back. Press the park button to park. 

There are also secret emergency gear buttons located on the center console in case your screen turns off. 

tesla model x gear stalk on screen
Gear Selector on Screen
tesla model x gears
Gear Selector Alternative


The buttons are touch, but force haptic sensitive, which means it vibrates for the left and right turn signals. There are dividers that help you distinguish where the buttons are.

The high beams, horn, wiper blades, and voice controls are all on the steering wheel and are touch sensitive buttons. 

The two scroll wheels are plastic, which is unlike the Tesla Model Y and 3 that are metal. 

The LEFT scroll wheel controls music. Scrolling up and down controls music volume, and left and right changes the songs. 

The RIGHT scroll wheel is for autopilot. Pressing it turns on autopilot. Scrolling up and down controls the autopilot speed. 

Unfortunately, you cannot control the car distance through the scroll wheel (unlike the Model 3/Y). Instead you control the car distance via the Tesla screen.

Honking the horn is very unintuitive. Unlike other cars where the horn is located in the center of the wheel, the yoke steering has the horn as a button on the right side of the wheel. It takes some getting used to, and it is not second nature.

haptic buttons on yoke steering wheel
Haptic Buttons

Overall Thoughts

Driving with a yoke steering wheel is an exciting and amazing experience. The yoke steering wheel allows you to visualize the center display with no obstructions. However, it takes some time to get used to. If I had to choose again, I would choose yoke over round!


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