Two things I love are Amazon and Tesla! So today, I’ll be going over my favorite Amazon Tesla Accessories. 

I have been using all of these products in my Tesla for ~2 years, and I recommend these products to anyone with a Tesla Model 3/Y. 

This post is NOT sponsored, however I am an Amazon affiliate, which means if you purchase via my links, I receive a small commission, at no additional cost to you! It helps support the blog!  

Spigen Glass Screen Protector

The Tesla display screen is used to control almost everything in the Tesla. This screen protector is helpful to protect the screen and prevent it from getting damaged. There are versions, matte and glossy. 

Matte Screen Protector: helps decrease screen glare. However, if you are wearing polarized sunglasses, the screen will have a “rainbow effect.” 

Glossy Screen Protector: brighter, but in the sun it has more glare. 

tesla screen protector
Spigen Screen Protector Install

Seat Cleaner

I have the white Tesla seats, and have driven  ~40,000 miles, and my seats are still white. I keep them clean by using a few items: 

Lifting Jack Pads

These are a must-have item to keep in your Tesla, in case you ever have to take your Tesla into a repair shop. The Lifting Jack Pads are used to lift the car, without damaging your Tesla battery. 

tesla lifting jack pad
Lifting Jack Pad

Mud Flaps

Mud Flaps help protect the paint near the wheels against rock chips and gravel. I’ve been driving my Tesla with the Basenor Mud Flaps on my them for ~40,000 miles and they’ve stayed on perfectly. Plus, the mud flaps are easy to install with a screwdriver. 

tesla mudflaps basenor
Mud Flaps

Evaporator and Heater Foam Cleaner

It is recommended to change your cabin air filter ~ every 2 years, or sooner if you’re like me and have that stinky mildew smell. I use the Kool-It Evaporator and Heater Foam Cleaner to clean the HVAC system.

 See my Blog Post on  How To Replace Tesla Model 3/Y Cabin Air Filter

Charger Lock

If you charge your Tesla at a public J1772 charger, there is no automatic lock for your charger. This means anyone can remove the charger from your car even if it is still charging.

This charger lock prevents anyone from stealing your charger. It literally locks the charger into place.

tesla charger lock j772
Tesla Charger Lock

Center Console Tray Organizer

The Tesla Model 3/7 have giant hole in the center console, so its super easy to lose your small items. 

Jowua Center Console Tray: I use Jowua’s Center Console Trays because it’s made of silicone and very easy to clean (and my dog’s hair doesn’t get stuck onto it). 

Basenor Center Console Tray: This center console tray has a plush lining, so it’s a bit harder to clean. It’s still a great option and is cheaper than Jowua’s.  

tesla accessories
Jowua Center Console Tray

Hidden Center Console Organizer

I like Basenor’s Hidden Center Console organizer because I can hide small change / tip money in. Sure, I could put that in the glove box, but the this hidden compartment gives extra space and less likely that someone will find it.

tesla hidden organizer
Hidden Center Console Organizer

Center Console Cup Holders

My cupholders easily get dirty because I’m often placing random items in them. With Jowua’s Center Console Cup Holders, it’s easy to remove and wash with water. 

tesla ring start car

Portable SSD

This is one of those items that you don’t realize you need it, until it’s too late.

If you’re ever been in a car accident (knock on wood), or someone damages your car, the Tesla dash cam footage / sentry mode is crucial.  Tesla comes with a small USB, however once the space is used up, it writes over the data and the footage is lost. This Portable SSD has extra storage space to limit that from happening. I keep it plugged in my glove box, instead of the USB. 

Performance Foot Pedals

These Tesla Model 3/7 Performance Foot Pedals by Topfit, give your car a sleeker and more sporty look. 

tesla performance foot pedal
Aftermarket Foot Pedals

Interior LED Lights

The lights the Tesla comes with are pretty dim. These interior LED lights help brighten up your Tesla at night.  They are easy to install, and have been on my Tesla since Day 1. 

tesla LED interior lights
LED Lights

Car Escape Tool

This car escape tool has both a blade to cut a jammed seatbelt and a tempered glass window breaker. I haven’t had to use it personally, but I keep this one from Amazon (with great reviews) my car, in case of emergencies. 


Slime Emergency Tire Repair Kit

If you ever get a nail in your tire and you’re stuck on the road, this Emergency repair kit comes in handy to quickly repair the tire as a temporary solution. I keep this, along with the Tire Plug Kit, in my car at all times. Read my blog on What To Do if Your Tesla Gets a Flat Tire

Jump Starter

In addition to the giant Tesla battery, Tesla also has a 12V battery. Like other cars, this battery can die over time, so it is helpful to have a jump starter handy. Check out my Blog post on How to Jump Start a Tesla

Phone Mount

There are many phone mount options for your Tesla, so this will just depend on personal preference. 

From Amazon, I like the Jowua’s Invisible Foldaway Mount because you can charge your phone wirelessly, and when you’re not using the mount it can be tucked away.

Key Card Holder

I use this key card holder whenever I have to give my “Tesla Keys” to someone else. I’m always a little scared that a card itself may be easily misplaced or mistaken for another person’s Tesla, so this key card holder helps with that.

Door Seal Kit

Basenor’s Door Seal Kit helps reduce road and wind noise. I applied this throughout my Tesla. It was easy to do and durable. Check out my Youtube video to see how I installed it. 

USB Hub with Light

I plug in the Jowua’s USB Hub with LED light into my center console. This provides additional USB-C and USB-A plugs, so I can charge more cellphones and game controllers at the same time.  

tesla usb light
USB Hub with Light

Gaming Controller

I love using this Gaming Controller from Jowua because it is wireless and fun to use to play games while waiting for my Tesla to charge. Check my Blog post on How to Play Games in a Tesla

tesla gaming controller
Jowua Game Controller


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