Why There's a Difference

Jump starting a Tesla is different compared to gas cars. Tesla has 2 batteries: the giant battery to run the car and a smaller 12 v or lithium ion battery to run the electronics. Just like a gas car, this smaller 12V battery in the frunk can die over time. When this happens, the Tesla will not be able to drive, which means you need to jump start the car. 

However, if your 12v battery is dead, you may not be able to get into your Tesla in the first place, because there is no physical key to open the door. You must first open the frunk to access the 12V, jump start the 12V, then you can open the door and start the Tesla.

I also created a Youtube video for this, that you can view here

tesla jump start

Steps to Jump Start your Tesla

Part 1:  Open the Front trunk (Frunk) to access the 12V battery

  1. Find the Tow Eye cover (pictured below) on your Tesla bumper. Pop it open by pressing on the edges.

2. You’ll see a Positive (red) and Negative (black) terminal.

3. Connect jump starter cables to appropriate terminals (red to red; black to black).

4. Once the cables are connected, the Tesla Front Trunk (aka Frunk) will open.

tesla tow eye cover
Open Tow Eye Cover
tesla jump start
Attach Jump Starter Cables to Appropriate Terminals

Part 2: Jump start the 12V battery

  1. Lift the large plastic piece (pictured below) to reveal the 12V battery
jump start tesla
Lift Plastic Piece to uncover 12V
tesla 12v battery
12V Battery

2.  Attach jump starter cables to 12V

  • Black cable to negative terminal
  • Red cable to positive terminal
jump start car
Attach Jumper Cables

3. Power on jump starter 

4. Then, you’ll be able to open the car door and start your Tesla.

Note:  If you have a newer Tesla model, then it should come with a Lithium ion battery. You’ll be able to tell it’s a Lithium ion battery because it’s silver and located behind your HEPA filter. Because the lithium battery holds a lot of juice, the chances of it failing are low.


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