We took our Tesla on a road trip from Orange County, CA to the beautiful Mammoth Lakes, CA. 

What I love about Mammoth Lakes is that it is so beautiful, dog friendly, and everything is so close to each other! We’ve gone 2x, Winter and Fall, and both were great times to go, with different things to offer. 

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mammoth roadtrip

Getting To Mammoth Lakes with the Tesla (from Orange County, CA)

Duration: ~5 hr 40 minutes (not including charging)

Distance: ~350 miles

Stop 1:  Tesla Supercharger in Inyokern – Locust Ave, CA 

  • 12 Tesla superchargers
  • 250 kW 
  • Restrooms: Classic Burgers (check for hours), Inyokern Gas Station (open 24/7)
  • Cool note: Rivian Chargers are located in the same parking lot. While you can’t charge at the Rivian Fast Chargers (Rivians only), you can charge at the Rivian J1772 chargers (slower charging) for free! 
tesla supercharger inyokern
Inyokern Tesla Supercharger
inyokern tesla supercharger
Food & Restrooms for Tesla Supercharger

Optional Detour - Alabama Hills

Alabama Hills is a range of cool rock formations and hills that is a quick detour (~10 minutes away from Highway 395). Many movies including Ironman and Star Trek were filmed in Alabama Hills. This is also the gateway to Mt Whitney. The road is a dirt path, however you don’t need a 4WD. I was able to go with my Tesla, but drive very slowly and carefully. 

If you decide to go to Alabama Hills, I’d recommend stopping at the Lone Pine Tesla Supercharger, which is nearby. 

nightmare rock tesla
Nightmare Rock
mobius arch
Mobius Arch Loop Trail
alabama hills ironman
Ironman was filmed here


Stop 2: Tesla Supercharger in Bishop, CA 

  • 12 Tesla Superchargers
  • 250kW 
  • Restrooms: Available to many nearby restaurants including Black Sheep Coffee, Mercado Mexico, La casita mexican, Great Basin Bakery
bishop tesla supercharger
Bishop Tesla Supercharger

Stop 3: Tesla Supercharger in Mammoth Lakes, CA

  • 8 Tesla Superchargers
  • 150kW 
  • Restrooms:  Grocery Outlet, Good Life Cafe, Looney Bean Coffee & Roasting Co, Chart House
tesla supercharger mammoth lakes
Mammoth Lakes Tesla Supercharger

Things To Do in Mammoth Lakes
(that isn't skiing or snowboarding)

Convict Lake 

  • Convict Lake is a beautiful lake about 10 minutes away from town. 
  • Hike: ~ 3 miles, loop around the lake, mostly flat 
  • In the Winter, the lake was completely frozen. We were able to walk on the lake (a little scary though, be careful!) We also saw people ice-skating! 
  • In the Fall, our dogs were able to swim in the lake (although a bit chilly). We also saw lots of people fishing. 
  • Parking: Free parking at the Marina 
  • Dog Friendly
  • Bathrooms available
  • No cell reception
convict lake
Frozen Convict Lake in January
convict lake dog friendly
Dog Friendly Trail (Loop around the Lake)
convict lake
Convict Lake in Fall
convict lake dog swimming
Swimming in Convict Lake
convict lake dog friendly
Deck over lake

Wild Willy’s Hot Spring 

  • 3 Hot Springs pools 
  • Opened year-around
    • Note: Gets crowded, so I recommend going early! 
  • Parking: Free
    • If the entrance gate is closed (ex in the winter), park along the side of Benton Crossing Road. Then, walk ~1.5-2  mile in (flat) to get to the hot springs.
    • If the gate is open, you’ll drive on a dirt road to get to a small parking lot, then walk ~0.4 miles (follow wooden plank) to get to the hot springs
  • Dog Friendly
  • Port-a-potty available
wild willy's hot spring
Wild Willy's Hot Spring in Janauary
wild willys hot spring
wild willy hot spring parking
Park along Benton Crossing Road
wild willy's parking

Entrance Closed during Winter 

Lake Crowley Stone Columns

These are beautiful natural columns, located off Highway 395 in California and is ~30 minutes away from Mammoth Lakes.  They are so amazing to see, that it made me feel like it was in another country! Check out my other Blog post, for more details about How to Get to the Lake Crowley Stone Columns

lake crowley stone columns
Crowley Lake Stone Columns

Twin Lakes

Twin lakes is a set of connected lakes that a popular place to camp, fish, and hike. 

twin lakes mammoth
Twin Lakes

From the bridge at Upper Twins Road, you can spot “Hole in the Wall” and “Twin Falls” 

  • Hole In the Wall – a natural lava rock formation that creates a tunnel, and is a challenging backcountry ski destination
  • Twin Falls – From the bridge at Upper Twins Road, you can see the bottom of Twin Falls. There’s also a “Twin Falls Overlook,” off Lake Mary Road, but it is difficult to see the entire waterfall from there. 
hole in the wall mammoth
hole in the wall mammoth lakes
Hole in the Wall
twin falls
Twin Falls

Other Hot Springs 

  • Hilltop Hot Springs 
  • Hot Creek Geologic Site 

Other Lakes & Hikes 

  • Crystal Lake Trail 
  • Sherwin Lakes
  • Lake Maime
lake maime mammoth
Lake Maime Vista Point

Did the Tesla lose range in COLD weather?

We drove to Mammoth Lakes in January, when temperatures ranged from 2F to 40F.  When it was 2F, our Tesla battery definitely had a drop in range. However, once we were past the 2F, the range was regained. At 10F at higher, we did not see any drop in range.

Where To Stay That is Electric Car (EV) Friendly

Mammoth Lakes has very limited options for charging your electric car. Of the options, most of them are specifically for Tesla. Luckily, Mammoth is a small town, so hopefully you won’t be driving too much.

  • Westin Monache Resort Mammoth
    • It is conveniently located, has Tesla destination chargers, and is clean. 
    • Parking: Complimentary for guests 
    • EV charging:
      • 3 Tesla destination chargers, 2 Clipper creek chargers (J-1772) 
      • No fee: Complimentary for guests (included in resort fee) 
      • Located in Garage (need room key to enter garage) 
    • Dog Friendly: Yes
westin mammoth tesla
Tesla Destination Chargers at Westin Monache
westin monache
Westin Monache Bedroom
westin monache bedroom
Westin Monache
  • The Village Lodge at Mammoth 
    • Parking: Complimentary for guests  
    • EV charging
      • 4 Tesla destination chargers, 1 universal charging  
      • No fee: Complimentary for guests (included in resort fee) 
      • Located in Garage
  • Juniper Springs Resort 
    • Parking: Complimentary for guests  
    • EV charging
      • 4 Tesla destination chargers, 1 J1772 charger
      • No fee: Complimentary for guests (included in resort fee) 
      • Located in Garage (lower level)
  • Mammoth RV Park  
    • Parking
    • EV charging

Places to Eat

  • Warming Hut – I came here for breakfast and the food was delicious! I ordered the Cuban sandwich, Tomato Bisque, and Eggs Malibu
  • Elixir Superfood & Juice – Great place if you’re looking for healthy, delicious juices and food. I had the Poke bowl, Create-Your-Own bowl, Superhero drink and The Alchemist drink
  • Noodle-Ly –  Perfect place for noodle soups and boba! I was surprised how good this place was. Their serving portions are huge too! 
  • Gojira Ramen & Sushi I had both the ramen and sushi here, and it was good!
Elixir Superfood and Juice
Elixer Superfood & Juice

Tip For Non-Tesla EV Cars

 If you own an electric vehicle that is NOT a Tesla, I highly recommend having a Lectron adapter when going to Mammoth Lakes. The adapter allows you to charge a non-Tesla at a Tesla destination charger.   This is especially important because there are very limited charging options and most hotels have more Tesla destination chargers than universal chargers.  Note, this adapter does not work for Tesla superchargers.

lectron j1772 tesla adapter
Charging a Rivian with Tesla Destination Charger
lectron tesla to j1772 adapter
Tesla to J1772 Adapter


Overall, we loved taking our Tesla to Mammoth Lakes and will be back again! Charging wasn’t an issue for the Tesla since there is a Tesla Supercharger in Mammoth Lakes, and we did not experience range anxiety.

Don’t forget to check out my “Tesla Roadtrip Packing List!” It is also available on my Etsy shop

Safe Travels! 

tesla mammoth


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