In my previous post, I went over the MUST-HAVE, essential Tesla accessories when you first get a Tesla. 

Today’s post will be about my favorite Tesla accessories.  I also created 2 Youtube videos on these that can be viewed here:

youtube tesla accessories

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1) Tesla Floormats

There are many options for Tesla Floormats. I have 3 dogs so mud, water, drool, and food get everywhere in my Tesla. Thus, I prefer a floormat that can withstand all of these. 

I have the Tesmanian floormats and I love that it. It is a perfect fit and a tub-style, so I can spill anything and my Tesla is still protected.  

For a 10% discount for Tesmanian floormats, use my affiliate code Everydaychris627 on the Tesmanian website. 

tesla tesmanian floormat passenger seat
Tesmanian Rear Seat Floormats
tesla tesmanian floor mat
Tesmanian Front Seat Floormats

2) Spigen Screen Protector For Tesla

In order to see everything about your Tesla, you have to look at the giant ipad-looking screen on your Tesla. If you have greasy fingers or if there’s lots of glare, you can’t see the screen well. 

Therefore, I havethe Spigen matte screen protector with anti-fingerprint technology. It’s easy to install and makes cleaning easier.  There is both a matte option and glossy option. 

*Note:  if you are wearing polarized sunglasses and have the matte screen protector, there is a  rainbow effect. It doesn’t bother me much, but something to be aware of.

Cost:   $31.99 for Clear Spigen Screen Protector on Amazon ;  $33.59 for Matte Spigen Screen Protector on Amazon 

tesla screen protector
Installing Screen Protector
tesla spigen screen protector polarized
Rainbow Effect with Matte Screen with Polarized Sunglasses

3) Tesla Center Console Tray Organizer

The Tesla Model 3/Y center console is a giant abyss that can store a lot of items, but makes it difficult to fish out a single particular item. Getting an interior organizer tray for the center console is helpful for this reason. 

There are several options:

  • Tesla – Tesla’s tray is a perfect fit. The front is perfect for sunglasses and slides forward. It is a felt-material, so it can be more difficult to clean and so it’s not my favorite. It costs $30 USD
  • Jowua – Jowua sells one that is made of silicone and so it’s much easier to wash. So this is the one I have in my car. You can purchase these on Jowua’s website for $29.95 (for 5% off, use my affiliate code Everydaychris) or Amazon for $28.95.
tesla model 3 center console tray
Jowua Center Console Tray Organizer

4) Cellphone Mount Holder

You can leave your cellphone on the center console to charge wirelessly, but it is hard to see the cellphone screen while driving.  

I like to have a cellphome mount holder when I’m driving longer distances to I can see Google Maps or Waze. 

There are many options including Jowua, Topfit, Temai, Magbak. I did a Youtube video comparing each of these, seen here

Jowua Phone Mount  

(code Everydaychris for 5% off)

tesla temai cellphone mount

Temai Phone Mount 

(code Everydaychris for 10% off

Tesla magbak phone charger

MagBak Tesla mount 

(code Everydaychris_chris15off for 15% off)

tesla topfit phone mount

Topfit Tesla mount 

5) MudFlaps

Having mud flaps on your Tesla is not a must-have, but something to consider.

Because the Tesla tires are wide, gravel or debris can easily shoot up, and scratch the paint near the wheel well with rock chips.  It’s so bad that Tesla even sells a DIY paint protection film to protect against the rock chips. 

I have the Basenor Mud Flaps. The quality is good, it fits well, and doesn’t move around. 

Cost: $39.99 USD on Amazon

tesla mudflaps basenor
Mud Flaps
tesla mudflaps basenor
Mud Flap Install

6) Leather Protector Ceramic Coating

If you have white seats in your Tesla like I do, I highly recommend getting leather ceramic coating.  This will protect your pristine seats from dye transfer, spills, and stains.  I did a full Youtube video on this seen here. 

I also wrote a blog post on How to Protect White Seats.

Cost: $54.99 on Amazon

tesla white seat test
Seat Stain Test
gyeon leather shield
Leather Ceramic Coating

7) Dashboard Cover

If you have the white dashboard, you can get a crazy glare in the side mirrors, when the sun is shining. There are different options for your dashboard cover, depending on your budget and preferences. 

I prefer the Hills Dashboard, which is made of wood and gives a natural minimalistic look. I did a full review on it in my Youtube channel

Cost: varies depending on woodtrim, but $279 for walnut dashboard  and $159 for walnut center console (pictured below) on Hills website

Hills Wood Dashboard
tesla wood center console
Hills Wood Center Console

8) Performance foot pedal pads

These are strictly for looks, but they give the Tesla a more sporty feel.

Cost: $27.99 on Amazon

tesla performance foot pedal
Aftermarket Aluminum Foot Pedals

9) Interior LED light upgrade

The LED lights in the doors and footwells are dim, with only one little led light.  I bought aftermarket LED lights that work extremely well, without messing with the windows or the screen. Also, it dims. When the doors are open at night, it really brightens up the floor so you can see much better. 

Cost: $49.99 on Amazon

tesla LED interior lights
Aftermarket LED Lights


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