In case you ever get stuck in your car in an emergency situation, it’s a good idea to know how to get out!

The Tesla doors electronically open and close by pressing a button on the door handle, but if there’s no power, these will not work

Instead, you’ll have to manually get out. Tesla cars have a manual release to open the doors.

Tesla Manual Door Release in Front Doors

Just above the window switches, there is a black handle. You simply pull this handle up, and the physical latch on the door will open, and you can escape.  This will work even if the car is moving or if the car is locked.  

Note: There is a warning to avoid using the manual release too many times because it can damage the trim. 

tesla manual door
Manual Door Release in Front Doors
manual door release tesla
Avoid using Manual Door release often

Tesla Manual Door Release in Rear Passenger Doors (Model 3/Y)

This one is tricky because it is hidden and difficult to open. It helps to have a flashlight too. 

  1. Locate the rear door pocket
  2. Remove bottom inner liner
tesla bottom liner
Remove Inner Liner

3. Locate a square tab on the floor of the pocket (using a flashlight will help) 

  • Flashlight pictured is from Jowua, on Amazon

4. Lift the square tab (this is harder than it looks and may require a small tool for leverage)

tesla rear door manual release
Square Tab
tesla rear door manual release
Lift Square Tab (may require small tool)

5. Once the square tab is lifted, you’ll see a white foam piece. Pull the white foam piece, and the door will open

tesla manual door release
Pull white foam piece to open door

Tesla Model 3/Y Frunk Manual Release

If you ever get stuck inside the frunk, there’a a button to manually release the frunk door internally. The button lights up (pictured here).

tesla frunk manual door button
Manual Release Front Trunk

Tesla Model 3 Trunk

The Tesla Model 3 trunk has the similar button as the frunk. However, the Tesla Model Y does not have this button.


So now you know how to get out of your Tesla, in case of an emergency. 

I also created a Youtube video of this, that you can check out here


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