There are so many Tesla accessories out there, but there are a few that are essential. I highly recommend purchasing these Tesla accessories either beforehand, or right after you get your Tesla.

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1) Tesla Wall Connector

I made another post about Tesla charging options at home, but essentially, you need a way to charge your Tesla and this is my preferred method. 

Cost: $400 USD on Tesla website

It requires electrician to install which is an additional cost (mine charged $300). 

tesla wall connector

2) Tesla Lifting Jack Pads

These lifting jack pads are used if you ever need to rotate your tires or lift up your Tesla for repairs. You need an adapter (lifting jack pads) to prevent damage to your Tesla battery.  I keep them in my Tesla at all times! 

Cost: $22.99 on Amazon for a pack of 4.

tesla lifting jack pad
Lifting Jack Pad Placement
tesla lifting jack pad
Lifting Jack Pads look like Hockey pucks

3) Tesla Charger Lock (Anti-Karen device)

If you charge at a public J1772 charger, anyone (aka a Karen) can easily unplug the charger from your Tesla even if you’re not done charging.

This Tesla Charge Lock is placed between the charger and your car. It prevents anyone from unplugging the charger and interrupting your charging. I did a separate blog post on How to charge at a J1772 charger, that you can see here

Cost: $12.95 USD on Amazon

tesla charger lock j772
Charger lock placed between charger and Tesla
Tesla Charger Lock

4) Tire Repair Kit

There is no spare tire in the Tesla, so if your Tesla gets a flat tire, you’re screwed. I recently got a nail stuck in tire on a road trip to Zion National Park. I made a video on my Youtube channel, on that story.  Also, you can read my blog on How to Repair a Tesla Flat Tire

I recommend getting a Tire Repair kit (Air pump with sealant), in case this ever happens to you. 

Cost: $70 USD (Tesla website) or $28.47 (Amazon)

In addition, I recommend purchasing the Tire plug kit (cost $21.99 USD on Amazon), which will allow you drive farther and faster (compared to the sealant/slime that is provided in the Tire repair kit mentioned above) 

tesla tire repair kit
Tire Repair Kit
attach plug to needle
Tire Plug Kit

Those are the MUST-HAVE accessories for your Tesla. There are many more accessories that I recommend purchasing, but more on that on another blog post!


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