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What is Tesla Valet Mode?

All Tesla cars have a feature called “Valet Mode.” It’s useful if you want to valet your Tesla or have a friend drive it, but you don’t want them knowing your home address or maxing out the speed. 

Valet mode allows you to do several things: 

1. Hides your personal information including

    • Addresses (Home, work) 
    • Calendar 
    • Contact information

2. Prevents opening the frunk

3. Keeps Sentry mode on (and prevents anyone from turning it off)

tesla valet frunk
Opening Frunk Control is Disabled
tesla valet sentry mode
Sentry Mode Cannot be Adjusted in Valet MOde

4. Deactivates Wifi, Bluetooth, Autopilot, Navigation

5. Prevents the driver from driving like a maniac 

  • Restricts maximum speed limit to 70mph 
    • You can also lower the speed limit via the phone app
  • Changes driver mode to “Chill mode”
    • Prevents them from accelerating like crazy
tesla valet mode navigation
Valet Mode Deactivates Navigation & Autopilot

6. Prevents someone from buying upgrades for your car 

7. Prevents use of Homelink

How To Activate Valet Mode

Option 1: In the Tesla screen

  1. Go to the Driver profile on your Tesla screen 
  2. Click on the Valet mode profile
  3.  Enter PIN
    • If you haven’t set up a PIN yet, then it will prompt you to set it up now

Option 2: In your Phone

  1. Go to the Tesla phone app → “Security” → Toggle “Valet mode” On 
    • You can also limit the speed limit here
tesla pin
PIN required to get into Valet Mode
tesla phone valet
Enable Valet Mode on your Phone

How to Deactivate Valet Mode

  1. It’s just the opposite way as turning it on
  2. Enter PIN. If you forgot your PIN, you can log into your Tesla account and deactivate Valet mode that way

What is the Tesla Key Card for?

The Tesla Key card is still needed to lock/unlock the doors and to drive the car itself. So you do need to hand over your Tesla key car, when using valet parking.

Because I’m a scared they will accidentally misplace or confuse my card with someone else’s, so I place my Tesla key card into a  Tesla keycard holder instead  ($10.99 on Amazon).

tesla key card holder
Tesla Key Card Holder (Front)
tesla key card holder
Tesla Key Card Holder (Back)


In conclusion, I love using Tesla’s valet mode because it’s easy and keeps my personal information and my Tesla safe.


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