The Tesla Light Show is a unique and fun feature that all Tesla models have. The default song is “Carol of the Bells,” but you can change it as you like.

In this post, I’ll show you how anyone can do it in a few simple steps! I also created a Youtube shorts video version of this, so check that out here if you’re interested. 

tesla light show


  1. Use any USB drive, plug it into your computer
  2. Format the USB drive
    • NOTE: if you’re using the same Tesla USB stick that stores your sentry mode footage, any sentry footage will be deleted after formatting the drive. 
    • For PC, right click the USB folder, click “Format,” select “exFAT” under File system.  
    • For Mac, go to search bar, open “Disk Utility.” Then click on your USB drive, click “Erase,” then format to “exFAT” 
For PC, Formax to "ExFAT"
disk utility erase
For Mac, Erase, then Format to "exFAT"
tesla light show exfat mac

3. Create a new folder inside your USB drive and name it “LightShow”  (Folder name must be exact, as it is case-sensitive) 

lightshow folder
Create New Folder named LightShow

4. Go to and find a song for your Tesla Light Show.

5. Download “Zip File” onto your desktop

6. Open the Zip file, and drag and drop the 2  files from your desktop into the “LightShow” folder on your USB.

7. Rename both files to “lightshow” (must be all lower case)

lightshow file
Rename both files to lightshow

8. Eject the USB from your computer, and insert in into the USB in your Tesla’s glovebox 

9. Go to “ToyBox,” “Light Show,” then “Start The Show.” A screen saying “Custom Light Show” will pop up. Wait for the file to load. You can adjust the audio volume as well. 

10. Exit your Tesla, close the door, and the light show will begin shortly!

lightshow toybox tesla
Go to Toybox
tesla light show loading
Custom Light Show will load

11.  If you want to use the USB again for sentry mode footage, you may have to re-format the USB again. You can do that through the Tesla screen, go to “Safety,” click “Format USB Drive,” and once it’s completed it says “Success!”

format usb drive tesla
Format USB to use for Sentry Mode Footage

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