The Tesla Key Fob is an fun, but additional accessory that does not come with Tesla cars anymore. If you want the Tesla key fob, you’ll have to purchase it separately from the Tesla website

I also creeated a Youtube video reviewing the Tesla Key Fob, so check that out.

tesla key fob

Why get the Tesla Key Fob?

The Tesla key fob looks like a mini Tesla.  There’s hidden buttons and hidden features that I’ll go over.

Unlike your phone key, the Tesla key fob does not need to connect via bluetooth. So even if your key loses connection, you can still open the Tesla. 

There have been a few rare instances where my phone loses bluetooth connection, and I was not able to open the door. When this happened, I had to use my key card instead. 

Tesla Key Fob Buttons

  • Lock the Tesla – Press the roof 1x
  • Unlock the Tesla- Press the roof 2x 
  • Open the Frunk – Press the Frunk 
  • Open the Trunk – Press the trunk 
    • Pressing the trunk button while the trunk is opening, stops the trunk from opening (for example if you opened it in a small space or garage)
  • Open the side door (Model X), Press the side doors 
  • Open Charge portPress & Hold trunk when car is unlocked
tesla key fob open frunk
Press Frunk to Open the Frunk
tesla key fob trunk
Press Roof 1x to Lock ; Press Roof 2x to Unlock

Passive Lock / Unlock

Certain Tesla key fobs functions just like your phone. You can walk up to the car, and it will unlock automatically. It will also lock automatically when you walk away from the Tesla. 

This works as long as it says “TESLA” on the flat side of your Tesla key fob.

If it says “MODEL 3,” then it won’t work.

What if the Tesla Key Fob battery dies?

Place the key fob on the passenger windshield (near the windshield wiper), and you can open the door

To start the car, place the Tesla keyfob under the 12v outlet

tesla key fob battery dies
Place key fob on passenger windshield
tesla key fob battery die
Place key fob under 12V outlet

Using the Key Fob for Summon

You can use the Tesla key fob for the summon feature, without needing your phone, which is pretty cool. 

Follow these steps:

1) Make sure require continuous press is set to OFF on your Tesla screen 

2) Press the roof 1x, and hold it again the 2nd time (car must be in close proximity)

3) Hazard lights will flash 

4) Press the frunk to move the car forwards or the trunk to move backwards


Now, is it worth it though? On the Tesla website it’s $175, which isn’t cheap.

Who is the Tesla Key Fob For?

If you want a reliable connection to your Tesla

    • Occasionally, the Tesla does not sense my phone, so I have to manually go into my phone to unlock the car. However, the key fob is much more reliable 

Valet & Allowing others to drive 

  • Without the key fob, you can provide your Tesla key card and set your car into Valet mode. However, with the tesla key fob, you can simply hand over your key fob. 
  • I also did a separate blog post on “How to use Valet Mode” 

You don’t want to carry your phone with you

    • Nowadays, everyone has their phones with them. However if you want to disconnect or just can’t have your phone with you, then the Tesla key fob comes handy.
    • Alternatively, you can also get the Tesla Key Ring

Who is the Tesla Key Fob NOT for?

If you hate carrying extra items in your pocket or tend to lose objects, then this key fob is not for you. The functions of the key fob can all be done via your phone. 

Of note, the Tesla Key fob is water resistant, but not waterproof, so it’s not a good idea to go swimming with it.

Final Thoughts

The Tesla key fob is a cool, but pricey item accessory to have. If you have the extra bucks to spend, then pick one up! Otherwise, it is not a necessary item (in my opinion).



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