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What is Tesla Car Wash Mode?

If you’re washing your Tesla by hand or taking it to an automated car wash, be sure to enable Tesla’s Car Wash Mode.

Car wash mode closes the windows, locks doors and trunks, turns off windshield wipers, turns off parking assist chimes, turns off sentry mode, and turns off climate mode.

car wash mode

Where to Find Car Wash Mode

On your Tesla screen, go to “Service” → “Car Wash Mode”

tesla car wash mode
Service -> Car Wash Mode

Tips for Automated Car Wash

If you are taking your Tesla to an Automated Car Wash, make sure that it is a touchless car wash.

This is because a regular automated car wash can scratch your paint, damage your mudflaps, and leave marks.

  • Also, make sure to enable “Free roll,” which will keep your car in neutral.
free roll
Enable "Free Roll" to keep car in Neutral

Tips for Manually Washing Your Car

In addition to putting your car on “Car Wash mode,” you can also activate “Screen Clean Mode.” In this mode, the screen turns black, and you can clean your screen without accidentally pressing buttons

screen clean mode

I also created a Youtube video on How to Wash Your Car the Correct Way, that shows you how to wash your car to prevent any scratches or swirl marks, so be sure to check that out.


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