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The Tesla Cybertruck Basecamp Tent is the most expensive Cybertruck accessory at $2975. Today, I’ll share my thoughts on the tent and tips on setting it up.

I also created a  video on this that can be seen on my Youtube channel


Overall, the Tesla Cybertruck Base Camp Tent is well-made and very comfortable. 


The tent is relatively easy to set up, once you know how. There are some caveats, but I share my tips below.  It has plenty of windows for optimal light. It has 2 windows on the side, 1 window on the front, and 1 window on the door. These are double lined, so you can open the mesh window, and no bugs will come in. 


The Cybertruck Basecamp tent also comes integrated with a comfortable mattress. It’s about 1.5 inches thick and has some memory foam. I wish there was a way to pump more air into it, however it is comfortable enough. 


There’s multiple pockets lined on both sides, giving you plenty of storage space. There’s also an overhead compartment to place additional items.  


The tent is elevated on the truck bed, so you can still store plenty of items in the truck bed. You can also turn on the truck bed lights, for more ambient lighting and use the outlets. 

cybertruck basecamp tent interior
Cybertruck Basecamp Tent Windows
cybertruck basecamp tent interior
Cybertruck Basecamp Tent Interior
cybertruck basecamp tent interior
Cybertruck Basecamp Tent Side Pockets


$2975 seems expensive for a tent, especially in comparison to other tents I’ve used such as the Napier Sportz SUV Tent that is $430.

It’s not easy to remove and place back, due to the tent weight and screws having to align perfectly. Once it’s installed, it’s easier to just keep the tent in the truck. Luckily, it doesn’t take up that much space. 

Unlike the other Tesla Models where you can use the climate and “Camp Mode” to sleep inside your Tesla, you can’t use the climate in the Cybertruck, as the truck bed is not attached to the interior.  

Also, it is annoying that you have to remove the Aeroflap that is attached with 2 T30 screws in order to utilize the tent, because it is difficult to access. I replaced the T30 screws with a thumb screw, which makes removal easier.

cybertruck tent accessories
Cybertruck Basecamp Tent Items



The Tesla service center installed this for me already, so if that applies to you, you can skip part I. However, if they did not then continue reading.

STEP 1 - Install L track brackets

The L track brackets have numbers that correspond to where they are supposed to be attached. There’s 3 brackets on the right and 3 on the left.  There should be 18 fully exposed holes between R1 and R2 and 17 fully exposed holes between R2 and R2. The same applies to the left side.

STEP 2 - Place tent onto L track brackets

This is easier to do with 2 people, as the tent weighs 90lbs and is rather large. Slide it in all the way, and the Cybertruck logo should be facing towards you. 

STEP 3- Secure the Tent

There’s a T25 screw on each side that aligns with the tent holes and L-track bracket. Use the T25 wrench to tighten the screws. 

Tip #1 – This part was difficult for me, as the holes did not align well. Use your thigh to help lift the tent, to help align the holes. If it is still not aligning, the tent may not be sitting in the brackets correctly.

Tip #2 – The T25 wrench is flimsy. I used a T20 screwdriver, which worked better for me. 

Use thigh to help align holes


STEP 1 - Remove Aeroflap on Cybertruck Roof

Open the tonneau cover, and remove the Aeroflap. This must be removed, in order to set up the tent. It is held in by two T-30 screws. Once both are removed, then lift it up. For me, I saved a lot of time by using a T30 Drillbit with an adapter attached to an automatic drill

Troubleshooting – One of my T-30 screws was stuck and would not budge. I used WD-40, which loosened it up, and enabled me to remove it. 

Tip – Place a small towel underneath, just in case you drop the screw. There’s many holes on the bottom, and if you drop one, you’re “screwed.” Use 2 hands.

Remove T30 screws on each side (place towel in case you drop a screw)
Remove Aeroflap

STEP 2 - Open Basecamp Tent

Unzip the tent and unclasp the center buckle on the back side. Press the buckle down, and pull the plastic strap. For some reason, mine was difficult to remove. 

Tip – Rotate the buckle to the side for better leverage.

Unclasp Buckle (rotate for better leverage)

STEP 3 - Unfold Tent & Extend Legs

Press the locking pin to unlock the leg, and then the leg will extend. Make sure you press the button first, otherwise the leg may damage.

Press locking pin to extend leg

STEP 4 - Secure Straps

Undo 2 buttons on the tent.

Locate 2 square clips, these attach to the A-pillars on each side of the truck. Pinch both sides to hook it to the truck, then lock it in place. 

Locate 2 red straps, attach them to the metal loop on the upper corner of the truck bed. You can tuck these straps in the truck when not using.

Undo buttons
Attach to A-pillar
Attach red strap to metal loop

STEP 5 - Spread out & Expand Tent

Expand the tent, and drape it over the truck bed. Ensure the air tubes are placed on the correct side before inflating (this will make your life easier later!)

STEP 6 - Inflate

There’s 4 inflation valves, two are located on the top and two are on the bottom. Close 3 of them. The bottom left one is where you inflate it. 

Attach the hose adapter to the inflation valve, and then to the air pump. First, inflate to 1 PSI. Check to make sure that none of the tubes are kinked. If it looks tangled and kinked, deflate and restart. 

Tip  – Ensure the tubes are placed on the correct side before inflating. If not, it will get tangled.

Inflate to 1 PSI, check for kinks/tangles, then inflate to 8 PSI

STEP 7 - Connect Straps under Tailgate

Connect them with the buckle and tighten. Also, tighten the roof-peak clip straps attached to the A-pillars.

Connect 2 straps under tailgate

STEP 8 - Attach Awning

The awning zippers in. Then assemble and attach the awning poles and guy lines to stake down the awning.


STEP 1 - Close Zippers & Windows of Tent

STEP 2- Deflate by opening all 4 air valves

STEP 3 - Unclip tailgate straps (2), Roof peak clips (2), and Red Straps (2)

STEP 4 - Fold tent, secure by re-clasping 2 buttons.

STEP 5- Fold legs by pressing down on locking pin, then fold tent in

STEP 6 - Fasten center strap, secure 2 buckles, zip up both sides

STEP 7 - Re-install Aeroflap

Tip #1 – The T30 screws can be difficult to remove, so I bought thumb screws from Amazon that are easier to undo and replace. 

Tip #2 – Place a towel in the gap in case you accidentally drop a screw

Tip #3 – Hold Aeroflap widely on both sides and press down together at the same time to snap it in place.

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