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Rivian is an all electric car company based in Irvine, CA, that is all about protecting the planet and sustainability. I am a long-time Tesla fan, but I also love everything tech and electric, so I wanted to check out the Rivian.  I tested out the Rivian R1T, which is Rivian’s electric pick-up truck, for a few days. Today, I’ll go over my first impressions.

rivian r1t

About the Rivian R1T Launch Edition


  • Explore package  starts at $67,500
  • Adventure package starts at $73,000


  • Ranges from 314 miles, but for the Rivian R1T I tested out with 20” all terrain tires, range was 290 miles. 


  • The Rivian R1T Launch edition accelerates from 0 to 60mph in 3 seconds. This thing really launches with 835 horses. Going 0-60mph in 3 seconds is crazy fast for an electric car, and pick up truck.
  • Size
    • Dimensions on are 217” L x 79” W x 78”   
    • For Sport mode, the height lowers to 72in.

Rivian R1T Exterior

Overall, the look of the Rivian is sexy. 

  • Front: has a giant LED bar, as well as LED circles around the headlights, that are the eye
  • Rear: Since the Rivian R1T  is a pickup truck, there is the trunk bed, a huge led brake bar, and turn signals
rivian front lights
rivian rear trunk
  • Door handles
    • The door handles are flush with the door when it is locked or not in use. The door handles pop open, when approaching the vehicle or if its unlocked
  • Wheels
    • Beautiful 20 inch wheels with yellow brake calipers. The meaty tires are perfect for off roading
rivian door handle
rivian lighting

Rivian RT1 Interior

  • It comes with 3 different colors: black mountain, ocean coast, and forest edge.  I love how all these colors are related to nature as this is what the rivian is. This R1T has the black mountain interior, and wood accents that really offset an all black interior. 
  • Seats 
    • Made of Vegan Leather. They can be heated and cooled, which is perfect for those super hot or cold days. 
    • Comfort- I am 6’3” and 195lbs, and these seats are so comfortable. Even in the rear seats,  there’s plenty of head room and leg room for me
rivian rear seat
  • Panoramic glass roof  
    • The R1T also comes standard with a panoramic glass roof that looks beautiful 
  • Climate control    
    • There are ventless air vents that are controlled through the screen, that shoot air at you
    • You can control the vent direction in the rear seats, but you cannot control the temperature, so you’ll have to control that through the main screen.
    • There is dual climate control between the driver and passengers seat
rear seat vent
  • Center console 
    • There’s a wireless charging pad on the center console
  • Sound System 
    • There’s an amazing 18 speaker sound system from Meridian who also does sound for car companies such as Jaguar, Land Rover, and Kia.
    • In addition, there’s a removable bluetooth speaker that charges the second you put it back.
    • It is made to fit perfectly in the center console 
    • There are also these soft cool LED lights at the bottom
    • This portable speaker would be perfect if we went camping.
rivian center console
rivian bluetooth speaker

Storage Space

Gear Tunnel

  • This tunnel is HUGE, that even Everyday Chris, a full sized adult, can fit inside! Don’t worry, there’s an emergency opening latch just in case you ever get stuck inside! 
  • The gear tunnel can be accessed from both sides of the car, and also from inside the car, behind the rear seat armrest. 
  • The gear tunnel is easily opened through the app, or by pressing the button. There’s also a 110v and 12v outlet, so you can charge your items, and great LED lighting 
  • In the doors of the gear tunnel, you have your first aid kit.
rivian gear tunnel
rivian gear tunnel
  • Frunk 
    • This is an enormous frunk that can hold up to 11 cubic feet of space. And yes, it can even fit Everyday Chris! 
    • In addition, the frunk is automatic – thank you, Rivian! 
    • You can open the frunk with the app, the screen, the carabiner remote, or even with the button near the bumper
    • Inside, there is a 12v outlet.
    • Also, the floor of frunk is magnetic, so you can lift up with even more storage!
rivian frunk
rivian frunk
  • Driver and passenger seats 
    • More storage options 
  • Rear seats
    • Even more storage options!
rivian driver storage
rivian rear seat storage
  • Trunk bed 
    • Tonneau Cover is powered and keeps your items in the trunk bed secured. 
    • The trunk bed as an integrated LED lighting, 2 110V outlets, as well as a BUILT IN air compressor 
    • Underneath the trunk bed, you have even more storage options! You even have space for a full-sized spare tire.
rivian spare tire
rivian trunk bed

“Gear Guard” Security System

  • This is Rivian’s own version of Tesla’s sentry mode.
  • This is essentially a dash cam that records footage from 5 cameras all around your vehicle.  It also goes off if someone tries to yank at the cables in the trunk bed. 
  • On the screen, there’s a cute Yeti type of creature that let’s people know they are being recorded. You can view the footage on your app as well as on the rivian screen
rivian gear guard
rivian gear guard

Pet Comfort

This is similar to Tesla’s “Dog Mode,” where you can leave your pets in the car and maintain the cabin temperature.

rivian pet comfort
rivian dog

How does the Rivian drive for daily driving?

  • There are different driver profiles you can choose from, and it can default to certain driver profiles 
  • You can choose different drive mode profiles, and adjust things like ride stiffness or regenerative braking 
  • In Sport mode, it lowers the ride height, makes the steering stiff, standard regenerative braking
  • In Drift mode, it gives you a stiff ride with max regen 
  • All purpose driving is on the standard ride height, with soft ride and standard regenerative braking.
  • They also have other off road profiles like Rock crawl and Rally.
  • There also a profile called “Conserve” to conserve the most battery 
  • The Rivian the motor is strong enough to allow one-pedal driving, where you can essentially drive the car without touching the brake, as the motors slow the vehicle down
rivian driving

Rivian Driver +

  • This is Rivian’s version of autopilot. It comes standard and includes highway assist where the car stays in the lane, and maintains speed by itself. However, currently this only works on select highways. 
  • There is also lane change assist and smart cruise control where it can maintain the speed of the car and adjust as necessary
rivian driver plus


  • Locking and unlocking the Rivian is pretty cool. 
    • First of all, the sound the Rivian makes is recorded from a mountain bluebird from Yellowstone National Park.
  • Locking and unlocking the Rivian can be done with your phone app, as the car “senses” you, as you approach the car
  • The Rivian also comes with a carabiner key fob, that looks cool. It is rugged and waterproof which makes it perfect for outdoor activities. 
  • There’s also a key band that can be worn with you and a keycard. To open the Rivian, you can just press it against the door handle
rivian keyfob

Overall Thoughts

  • Overall, I think the Rivian is an amazing vehicle, with a bright future. The attention to detail is phenomenal, and Rivian really thought of everything for an outdoor adventurer. 
  • I do wish the charging network and driver plus was better, however I’m sure that’s something that will be improved on in the future.


The opinions and views expressed on this blog are solely personal by Everyday Chris.  Everyday Chris is not affiliated with nor endorsed by Rivian. It is neither inferred nor implied that products recommended by Everyday Chris nor recommendations given by Everyday Chris are authorized by or in any way connected to Rivian.

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