The Tesla Model X and Model Y are the only two SUVs from Tesla. The Model X starts at ~$100,000 whereas the Model Y starts at ~55,000. With such a big price difference, many are wondering what the actual difference is. I’ve owned the 2021 Tesla Model Y for 2 years and the 2023 Model X 6 for 4 months now. 

The Tesla Model X has a 0-60 time of 3.8 seconds, and 351 miles of range with the standard 20 inch tires. With tri-climate control, yoke steering wheel, panoramic glass windshield, and large interior space, the Model X is perfect for those out who want the most space in an electric SUV. 

The Tesla Model Y is the most popular Tesla. With a 0-60 time of 4.8 seconds, it has 330 miles on 19 inch wheels. This has been our go-to car for daily driving and road trips. Even with my 3 dogs, the Model Y is an amazing and fun car to drive. 

Today, I’ll go into a deep dive on each of the cars to help provide you with the most information to make the best decision possible. I also created a Youtube video of this.

tesla model x vs tesla model y


All Tesla models are fast with great performance and handling.

Model X 

The Model X weighs over 6,000 pounds and is able to go 0-60 in 3.8 seconds, which is quite impressive. However, one thing I noticed is despite the Model X being faster than the Model Y Long Range, it actually feels slower in the initial acceleration. When I press the accelerator to speed up, with the same amount of pressure, the Model X speeds up slower compared to the Model Y. It’s probably due to the fact that the Model X weighs almost 1,000 lbs more than the Model Y.

Model Y

The Model Y Long Range is still plenty fast and with a  0-60 time of 4.8 seconds.


Model X 

If I were to buy a Tesla Model X Long Range today (April 2023) with white paint, 20 inch wheels, white interior, and full self-driving, it would cost ~$117,000. Since it is such an expensive car, it  doesn’t qualify for any tax credits. 

However, if you have a business that requires a car, and you use the car for business >50% of the time, then you can potentially deduct a portion of the Model X due to its vehicle gross weight being >6,000lbs via bonus depreciation. However, consult with your own CPA if you’re considering doing this. 

Model Y 

If I were to buy a Tesla Model Y today (April 2023) with the same configurations, it would cost ~$71,000. Furthermore, the Tesla Model Y may qualify for the $7500 Federal Tax Credit and $2,000 credit for Californians.

Model X - WOW Features

Before I do a deep dive into the specific comparisons of the Model Y and X, I first want to talk about the WOW features of the Model X. 

Auto Open & Close Doors 

The Model X is the only Tesla with auto open and close doors. It senses your phone as a key, and can open and close the door automatically by pressing your foot on the brake or the touch sensitive close door button. Once you’re inside, you can just press “close all” and the doors will close.  Without even having to get out of the car, you can still be a gentleman and open/close the doors for your guests through a single button press. 

Steam Games 

Another feature that the Model X has that the Model Y doesn’t is the ability to play high-end computer games in your Tesla as long as Steam supports it. Read my blog post on “How to Play Video Games in your Tesla.”

Screen Tilt 

The Model X has a screen tilt feature that allows you to shift the screen left and right for better visibility. Also the screen is bigger, so you can move things around easier. 

Falcon Wing Doors 

These futuristic doors are THE reason to get the Model X. If you have kids or dogs, the falcon wing doors make taking them in and out from the passenger seats 1000x easier. The doors have sensors to prevent them from hitting anything, and they adjust themselves to open fully in tight areas.

However, the falcon wing doors are complex with many moving parts, which means there are a lot of potential issues. I love the falcon wing doors but I’ve had to take the car in 3x for issues with the falcon wing doors within 6 months of ownership. 

tesla falcon wing doors
Falcon Wing Doors (Model X)



Model Y. The Model Y comes in a 5 or 7 seater and it is a very practical and versatile car. It is 187 inches long, 84 inches wide, and 64 inches high. The ground clearance is 6.2 inches, which is a perfect height. 

Model X. The Model X comes in a 5, 6, or 7 seater. It is 199 inches long, 89.5 inches wide, and the height varies based on wheels and adaptive air suspension. On medium, it’s 66 inches tall. The ground clearance ranges from 5.7 – 8.1 inches on the low and high suspension setting. 

Overall, the Model X is a bigger car than the Model Y. I even have a hard time washing the roof on the lowest setting, and I’m 6’3. 


Interior Space

Interior Space

I love Tesla’s because they are great for taller people. Even the smallest car, the Model 3, has ample headspace for myself. 

The Model Y interior space is much smaller compared to the Model X.  Almost everything in the Model Y is just closer together, however it is still comfortable. It has a shorter dashboard distance from the hood and the passenger seat to the driver seat is closer. 

I created a graph below to compare the measurements of the Model Y and X. Even though the head room, leg space, shoulder room, and hip space is smaller in the Model Y, I was still able to go on a long road trip to Zion National Park with 3 adults sitting comfortably in the rear.

tesla model x vs tesla model y dimension comparison
Dimensions Comparison Chart

Interior Seats & Layout

Model X.  The Model X has a 5, 6, or 7 seating layout. With the 6 seater, there’s two Captains chairs in the 2nd row (that don’t lay flat), and a full 3rd row. With the 7 seater, there is a full 2nd and 3rd row.  Compared to the Model Y, the Model X 3rd row seats have more space. See my chart comparison below. 

The Model X only has a manual lever to adjust the back angle or fold the seats down.

Model Y. The Model Y has a 5 or 7 seating layout. I did a full review of the 7-Seater Model Y that can be seen here. The 7 seater has a 2nd and 3rd row, however the 3rd row is mainly for smaller people.  The Model Y which has electronically controlled seats.

tesla model y vs x 7 seater dimension comparison
3rd Row Comparison Chart
tesla model y 7 seater
3rd Row in Model Y (7 seater)

Trunk Height

The trunk height is adjustable in the Model Y and X. The maximum height in the Model X is 8 feet, and the Model Y is 7.5 feet. However, with the trunk height on the lowest setting in the Model X, my wife who’s 5’3 can barely press the button to close the trunk. There are alternate ways to close the trunk (such as via the app and on the Tesla screen).

Storage Space

The Model Y has plenty of storage space, but the Model X has even more storage space. If I were going camping in the Tesla or going on a trip with lots of luggages, I would for sure take the Model X over the Model Y.

tesla model y vs x storage comparison
Storage Comparison Chart
tesla model x luggage storage
Model X (4 luggages, 2 totes)
tesla model y luggage storage space
Model Y (3 luggages, 2 totes)
tesla model y and model x front trunk
Frunk Comparison

Ride Quality & Driving Comfort

Some people state that the Model Y ride is relatively rough, especially if you’re comparing it to a Lexus. 

The Model X ride varies depending on the suspension and mode. It has an adaptive air suspension with 5 different levels. The car can also remember where you raise or lower the suspension at a certain location, which is useful especially for a Model S since it’s lower to the ground and you don’t damage the underside. But if you want the car to be higher or lower, when arriving home, you can. 

You can also choose from Comfort, Auto, Sport, and Advanced, where you can fine tune it. The Comfort suspension soaks up the bumps, but at a cost of decreased handling. The Sport suspension makes it almost as harsh as the Model Y, just not as bumpy but provides great handling.  

Also, the Model X comes with 20 or 22 inch wheels. The 20 inch wheels feel like marshmallows, which improves comfort and range. The 22 inch wheels have a slightly harsher ride, since you have less rubber. 

Overall, there is a huge difference in ride quality. 

tesla model y suspension
Tesla Model X Adaptive Suspension


The Model 3 and Y have a minimalistic interior. You can choose a white interior, which comes with a white dash or black interior, which comes with a wooden dash.

Model Y Features 

  • 4 way lumbar support in Driver seat only
  • Heated seats (but not cooled)
  • Rear seats can be folded in a 40/20 split
  • Donut steering wheel 
  • Center console is a giant hole 
  • 15 inch screen display 
  • Dual wireless charging for your phone
  • 2 USB-C ports for charging only (no for data transmission)
  • 2 USB-C ports in rear and cup holders in the center arm rest. 
  • 13-speaker audio system
  • Panoramic glass roof
  • Minimal soundproofing (One basic door seal on the  doors, dual-pane glass at the front, but not at the rears)
tesla model y interior
Model Y Interior

Model X Features

  • 4-way lumbar support in Driver and Passenger seat
  • Heated and cooled seats
  • Rear seats in 5 seater can be folded in a 60/40 split
  • Yoke or Donut steering wheels
  • Center console with hidden storage and hidden cup holders ,and in the rears under the screen you get usb c charging as well as 2 more cup holders 
  • 2 screen  displays: 17-inch and 12.3-inch driver display
  • 8-inch rear seats display (control climate, entertainment, music)  
  • 2 USB-C ports for charging and data transmission
  • 2 USB-C ports in rear and cup holders in the center arm rest. 
  • 22-speaker system with active road noise cancellation 
  • Refined interior with fabric and LED lighting strips
  • Panoramic glass windshield 
  • Powerful computer that can play games (ex Hogwarts Legacy, Apex) 
  • Improved soundproofing (Upper seal on the outside of the doors, dual-pane glass in both front and rear windows, felt material on the rear windows, seals on the windows)
  • Comes with Tow hitch 
  • Comes with HomeLink
tesla model x interior
Tesla Model X interior
tesla model x rear display
Model X Rear Display


Model X 

One of my pet peeves with any car is bad headlights. Personally, I find the lighting on the Model X to be inferior compared to the Model Y. The Model X headlights are reflectors, which result in glare and low beam levels. However, I do appreciate the adaptive headlights (if you’re turning, there are additional lights to provide more illumination) and rear fog lights in the Model X. 

Model Y 

The Model Y has reflector LED headlights and projector LED fog lights with built-in turn signals, which provide good light output. I wish that the Model Y Long Range had projectors like the Model Y Performance models.


All Tesla models support self-driving beta, auto park, smart summon, sentry mode, and dash cam.

Model X

Blind Spot Monitor Camera. Compared to the Model Y/3, the software in the Model X and S refresh seems outdated. The blind spot monitor camera in the Model X/S is in a fixed position and not moveable. 

Screens. The Model X has 2 screens. The smaller screen on the driver side is not touch sensitive. Driving visualizations are seen here, but you cannot move them around. Also, the battery charge percentage and miles is located here and because the screen is not touch sensitive, you can only change it by going through the main screen. 

Right scroll wheel. Also, the right scroll wheel on the yoke steering wheel is unable to control cruise control distance. If you want to change it, you have to do it via the screen. 

Home Link. Fortunately, the Tesla Model X comes with Home Link. Home Link is Tesla’s automatic garage door opener. It will automatically open or close your garage when you arrive or leave from home. I created a Youtube video on How To Set up Home Link, if you’re interested. 

Tri-Climate Control. The Model X has tri-climate control which means you can independently control the temperature and fan speed in the driver’s seat, passenger seat, and rear seats. 


Model Y 

Blind Spot Monitor Camera. The Model Y/3 blind spot monitor camera is moveable, which makes it more intuitive and easier to look at. 

Screen. Everything is on the center display, including your driving visualizations, which is great because it’s touch sensitive and you can move your car in a 360 view to see everything around it in real-time. Also, the battery charge percentage and miles can be switched easily, by simply touching it. 

Right scroll wheel. The right scroll wheel on the steering wheel is able to control features of autopilot including raising and lowering the speed and changing cruise control distance.

Home Link. It is not included with the Y. If you want it, you have to purchase it from the Tesla website for $350 USD. 

Dual-Climate Control. The Model Y is only dual zone controlled and you can’t control the temperature in the rear seats separately. 

Off-Road Assist. The Model Y has an “off road assist” mode that is great for helping your car get out of snow, by increasing the traction.The Model X does not have this, which I’m not sure why but I’ll take my Model X to the snow next winter and provide an update. 

tesla model x blind spot monitoring
Model X Blind Spot Camera (Not adjustable)
tesla model y blind spot monitoring
Model Y Blind Spot Camera (Adjustable)


Overall, I love both the Tesla Model X and the Tesla Model Y. They are both excellent cars for daily driving and long road trips. In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with either. But the real question is which one is best for you? Don’t forget to check out my Youtube video on this to see it all in action!


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