Teslas are awesome because you can watch Netflix, Youtube, Hulu, Disney plus, and view live traffic. However, in order to use Tesla Wifi, you need to sign up for premium Tesla connectivity, which currently costs $9.99/month or $99 annually. 

However, you can actually watch Netflix etc, in your Tesla without actually paying for premium.  You can use your phone as a hot spot (as long as your phone has hot spot)!

I also created a Youtube video  on how to set up wifi in your Tesla and utilize hotspot (below): 

tesla wifi, tesla hotspot, tesla premium connectivity

Steps to Setup Wifi & Hotspot

Step 1: In your Tesla, set up your Wifi in you haven’t already. 

  1. Car icon > Wifi icon (located on Top Right corner) > Choose your Wifi network (hotspot). Enter your password if you have one. 
Wifi Icon in Corner

Step 2:  Once Wifi is connected to your phone’s Hotspot (verify by seeing Wifi icon), turn on remain connected in drive. 

  1. Wifi icon > Wifi settings –> check “Remain connected in Drive.” That’s it! 

Now when you drive, you’ll have access to things that would otherwise require Tesla Premium Connectivity. 

tesla wifi, tesla hotspot
After tapping Wifi icon, add Wi-fi Hotspot Network
tesla hotspot, tesla tutorial
Check "Remain Connected in Drive"


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