Today’s post is all about the Top Tesla Model X accessories that can help you get the most out of your car. 

I also created  Youtube video of this that you can view here

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Floor Mats

There are different options for Tesla Model X, but the 2 most popular are 3D MAXpider and Tesmanian. I have 3 dogs so dirt, water, drool, and food get everywhere in my Tesla. So I prefer floor mats that can withstand all of these. Both the Tesmanian and 3D MAXPider floor mats are extremely durable and tub-style fit. So when I accidentally spill something, my Tesla floors are still protected.  

Tesmanian: for a 10% off, use code Everydaychris627

3D MAXpider: for $10 off, use code EVERYDAYCHRIS

tesla model x 3d maxpider floor mats
3D MAXpider Driver Seat Floormats
tesla model x 3d maxpider floor mats
3D MAXpider Rear Seat Floormats
tesla model x 3d maxpider floor mats
3D MAXpider Trunk Floormats
tesmanian tesla model x floor mat
Tesmanian Driver Seat Floormat

Screen Protector

The Tesla screen is how you control almost everything. If you have dirty fingers or if there’s glare from the sun, you can’t see the screen that well. 

I bought the Spigen matte screen protector with anti-fingerprint technology. It’s easy to install and it makes cleaning the screen easier.  

They have a matte and gloss option. The gloss option is brighter, but has more glare. The matte option is not as bright, but has less glare. In the Model Y, there used to be an issue having a “rainbow effect” where if you were wearing polarized sunglasses and looked as the screen, you would see a rainbow. However, with the Model X screen protector, I don’t have that issue with either of the screen protectors. 

Spigen Front Screen Protector: $49.99 USD on Amazon 

Spigen Rear Screen Protector: $27.99 on Amazon 

tesla model x spigen screen protector
Front Screen Protector Application
tesla model x spigen screen protector
Rear Seat Screen protector

Center Console

The Tesla Model X has 2 compartments in the center console. The first compartment comes with a top tray, but you can also get a tray organizer that helps keep it clean and organized. It also comes with coaster sets that are easy to clean. 

If you want more accessible USB-A and USB-C ports, Jowua sells a USB hub that is designed for the Tesla Model Y & 3. It does fit in the Model X, however if you move the upper tray forwards, then the USB hub can fall down easily. 

Center Console Organizer & Coaster Set: $45 USD on Amazon or $40 USD on Jowua website (code Everydaychris for 5% off)

USB Hub Bar for Model Y & 3 (but fits in X): $57 on Amazon or $49.95 on Jowua website (code Everydaychris for 5% off)

tesla model x center console accessories jowua
Jowua Center Console Tray, USB bar & Coaster

Under Seat Storage Tray

Temai has a Front Seat Storage Tray that is designed for the Model Y/3, but it also fits on my Tesla Model X. I love these because they are plastic and easy to clean! Also, my dogs hairs don’t stick to them. 

Temai Front Seat Trays (comes with 2): $39 on Temai’s website (code everydaychris for 10% off)

temai front seat storage tray
Front Seat Storage Tray in Model X

Cell Phone Mount

I like having a cell phone mount that can charge while it is mounted. The one I have from Jowua works for both the Tesla Model X and Y. 

Jowua Invisible Foldaway Car Mount: ~$73 USD on Amazon 

Jowua 6D Tesla Invisible Foldaway Car Mount: ~$75 on Jowua’s website (code Everydaychris for 5% off)

Tesla magbak phone charger

Heat Shield

I have been using Heat Shield windshield sunshades for over 20 years in various cars that I’ve owned. The quality of Heat Shield is excellent. It not only rejects heat, but also it is a perfect fit to the car and has no sagging.  

Heat Shield also has shades for all the windows on the Tesla Model X, which is perfect for camping in your car.

It can be purchased on Heat Shield’s website

tesla model x sunshade
Heat Shield Windshield Shade
heat shield sunshade
Heat Shield Window Shades
heat shield sunshade
Heat Shield Falcon Door Window Shade

Tire Inflator Portable Air Compressor

With any car, it’s a good idea to keep a tire inflator in your car just in case the tire pressure gets dangerously low. There are many different types, but I like VacLife’s because it is very small and portable. Also, you can set your desired tire pressure and it automatically stops when that pressure is reached. I also created another Blog post on How To Fill your Tesla Tires with Air

VacLife Tire Inflator: $54.99 on Amazon 

tesla air tire portable machine
Portable Tire Inflator

Waterproof Trash Can

I always keep a trash can inside my cars to keep my car as clean as possible. I’ve been using this trash can from Amazon that has a waterproof liner, and it’s been working well. 

Car Trash Can: ~$15 on Amazon 

car trash can
Car Trash Can

Tire Repair Kit

Because there is no spare tire in the Tesla, if your Tesla gets a flat tire, you’re out of luck unless you have a tire repair kit. I got a nail stuck in a tire on a road trip to Zion National Park and luckily, I keep this tire repair kit in my Tesla at all times. I made a video on my Youtube channel, on that story.  Also, you can read my blog on How to Repair a Tesla Flat Tire, which shows how I used the Tire Plug Kit to plug my tire that had a nail in it.

I recommend having 2 types of tire repair kits.  One being a slime or sealant, which fills up your tire with slime or sealant, but your speed and distance is limited. The other kit is a tire plug kit, which will allow you drive farther and faster, so you can drive on freeways if you need to. 

Tire plug kit$21.99 USD on Amazon

Slime Repair kit~$30 USD on Amazon 

Air pump with Sealant$70 USD on the Tesla website 

tire slime repair
Slime Tire Repair Kit
tire plug kit
Tire Plug Kit

Lifting Jack Pad

If you ever need to bring your Tesla into service where they need to lift your Tesla, then you need lifting jack pads to prevent damage to your Tesla battery.  Most service centers will already have them if they service Tesla cars often, however I keep them in my Tesla at all times just in case! 

Lifting Jack Pad (pack of 4):  ~$20 on Amazon 

tesla lifting jack pad
Lifting Jack Pads

Tesla Charge Lock

If you charge at a public J1772 charger, anyone can unplug the charger from your Tesla, even if you’re not done charging.

This Tesla Charge Lock is placed between the charger and your car. It prevents anyone from unplugging the charger and interrupting your charging. I created a blog post on How to charge at a J1772 charger, that you can see here

Tesla Charge Lock: $12.95 USD on Amazon

tesla charger lock j772
Charge Lock

Jump Starter

Tesla cars have both a high voltage battery to run the car and a smaller 12 v or lithium ion battery to run the electronics. Just like any car, this smaller 12V battery can die. If that happens, you’ll need to jump start your Tesla. This is why I carry a jump starter in my Tesla at all times. The one is have is from Foxspeed, that I got on Amazon. Here’s a blog post I wrote on How to Jump Start a Tesla

Foxspeed Jump Starter: ~$60 USD on Amazon. 

Arm Rest Cover

I love my car staying clean, but I also have dogs that love to come up and put their paws on the arm rest. So I bought this arm rest cover from Amazon, which keeps the arm rest protected and still allows it to close. 

Arm Rest Cover: ~$20 USD on Amazon 

tesla model x armrest cover
Arm Rest Cover

Pet Seat Cover

I have 3 dogs and 2 of them are large golden retrievers. Their hair and dirty paws get everywhere, so a pet seat cover is a must. There’s different options, depending on if I keep my seats down or leave them up. I’ve used these products for several months now, and they have held up well against my dogs. 

Also, I bought car door protectors because my golden retriever puppy was teething and put his teeth marks on my Model Y door trim, when it was still brand new!

Car Door Protectors: ~$24 on Amazon 

Dog Seat Cover (for 2nd row if you have the 5 or 7 seater): ~$110 on Amazon 

Dog Seat Cover (for 5 seater, all seats down): ~$100 on Amazon 

Car Door Protector & 2nd Row Pet Cover
Pet Seat Cover & Door Protector

Air Freshener

I love my Tesla smelling fresh, but Tesla cars don’t have traditional air vents that you can attach an air freshener to. I discovered Drift and have been using their scents for over 2 years now. Their scents are natural and attach to the Tesla Model X sun visor. I created another Blog post specially on Drift that has more details. 

You can use my discount code (everydaychris10) for 10% off on the Drift website

drift freshener stone
Drift Stone Air Freshener

Final Thoughts

Compared to the Tesla Model Y and 3, the Tesla Model X does not have as many accessories. However, the ones that are out, are very helpful!  

As a reminder, here are my discount codes: 

  • Tesmanian for 10% off (Everydaychris627)
  • 3D MAXpider for $10 off (Everydaychris)
  • Jowua for 5% off (Everydaychris)
  • Drift for 10% off (everydaychris10)
  • Temai for 10% off (everydaychris)
These codes are Affiliate codes, which means if you my code, I receive a small commission at no additional cost to you! It helps support the blog and my Youtube channel! 🙂 


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