The Tesla Ring is an aftermarket ring that functions just like a Tesla key card. Today I’ll be reviewing CNICK’s Tesla ring. The reason I chose CNICK is because they offer a variety of color and finish options, and their rings looks great!

tesla ring

How the Tesla Ring works

To lock or unlock the Tesla, is the same as the Tesla Key card. When wearing the ring, you basically fist-bump your Tesla halfway up between the middle pillar and the door locks/unlocks. Your knuckle (not the ring itself) should be touching the pillar. 


To start the Tesla, place your knuckle on the center console, behind the cupholders. 

tesla ring unlock car
Lock & Unlock Tesla by Fist-bumping your Tesla
tesla ring start car
Start your Tesla by touching knucle to Center Console


CNICK’s Tesla ring comes in a wood or ceramic finish.  I love the look of the rings and bracelets. They have many different color options. 

tesla ring bracelet cnick
Left to Right: Snow Ceramic, Koa Ceramic, Custom, Black Ceramic, Angelite Bracelet
tesla ring ceramic black
Black Ceramic Ring
tesla ring silver rose
Silverose Wood Ring
tesla ring engraved custom
Custom Ring with my Dog's name engraved


Ranges from $119 – $139 USD 

For 5% off, purchase via my Affiliate Link  

  • I am an affiliate, so I do earn a small commission if you purchase using my code, with no additional cost to you. It also helps support the blog!


The smallest size is a size 6. However, this was too big for my wife (even on her thumb), so she purchased a ring size adjuster from Amazon. The ring adjuster did not compromise the function. 

ring adjuster
Ring Size Adjuster


We’ve had our rings for 6 months now, and wear them 24/7. CNICK advises to avoid wearing the ring while lifting weights or with detergent, however we’ve just been too lazy to take the ring off. As a result, the ring edges are starting to show some wear (pictured below).  The function of the ring, however, has not been altered. If you are lazy like me, be aware of the risks.  

tesla ring wear
Avoid wearing when lifting weights or with detergents

How Easily Does it Detect?

There’s a specific small area that the ring has to be placed in order to be detected. When I first got the ring, it took me several tries to find that area.

I ended up just putting a sticker on my Tesla, so I know exactly where to place my ring.

tesla ring detection
Small Area of Detection

What I Love about the Tesla Ring

It looks great!

  • The ring is piece of jewelry and has now replaced my wedding band. I love that it is not only decoration, but also it is functional. 

It is waterproof

  • I can now go kayaking with just my ring, and  I don’t have to worry about bringing my phone or keycard to get back into my Tesla.

No charging needed 

It has replaced my Tesla Key Card 

  • I no longer have to worry about carrying around my key card or if my phone battery dies.


What I Don’t Love about the Ring

CNICK recommends to NOT to use the ring when lifting weights or with detergents, as it can scratch and damage the ring

  • If you follow their recommendations, then you’ll likely be fine. However, for me, I like to keep mine on even at the gym, and the edges have scratched slightly.  

Needs to be in perfect location to work

  • There’s a small area on the pillar of the Tesla that the ring needs to be placed in order to work. If you don’t know where that is, it may take you some extra time to unlock or lock your Tesla. Alternatively, you can place a sticker like I did.  

Overall Thoughts

Overall, I love my Tesla ring by CNICK because it’s convenient and looks great! Don’t forget to use my Affiliate Link for 5% off. For the month of December, use code “EVERYDAYCHRIS” for 20% off on the Tesla Ring website

The opinions and views expressed on this blog are solely personal, Everyday Chris.  Everyday Chris is not affiliated with or endorsed by Tesla. It is neither inferred nor implied that products recommended by Everyday Chris nor recommendations given by Everyday Chris are authorized by or in any way connected to Tesla. This post contains affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. Please read full Terms & Conditions for more information. 

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