Most car headrests are easy to remove. Just push the button, lift the headrest, and you’re done, right? Well, in the Tesla Model Y, that isn’t the case. It can still be removed, but requires a bit more work! 

Sometimes, you might want to remove a headrest to clean the leather or you’re putting a car seat there. For me, I found that my rear seat headrests were the source of a squeaky annoying sound, whenever the car went over a bump. So I removed the headrest, so I could lube it up, and then replaced the headrest. 

Caution, if you’re removing the headrest, make sure to replace it, as it’s dangerous to drive without one! 


  1. In the Model Y, locate the rectangular hole on the headrest.
  2. Insert a small tool into the rectangular hole and simultaneously press the outer black button.
tesla rear seat headrest
Rectangular Hole
tesla rear seat headrest
Insert small tool and simultaneously press black button

3. Remove headrest

tesla headrest removed
Headrest Removed

4. Place silicone spray into each headrest hole once headrest is remove. This can help reduce the squeaky noise. I purchased mine on Amazon

5. Replace headrest in its original location. 

silicone spray
Silicone Lubricant

You can also check out my Youtube video if you want to see this all in action!

Remove Front Headrest (Model Y)

If you want to remove the front headrest (perhaps to clean the fabric), it is a bit challenging.

  1. Pull down fabric on both sides of headrest until you see a silver metal piece.
  2. Slide the metal piece out outwards.
  3. Repeat on both sides.
  4. Remove headrest.
  5. Replace headrest, it it’s original location.


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