Today, I want to dive into the world of electric vehicles and compare 2 popular electric SUVs – the Tesla Model Y and the Ford Mustang Mach-E. 

I created a comprehensive in-depth Youtube video comparing the 2 vehicles, that can be viewed here.

tesla model y vs ford mach e


Ford offers four Mach-E variations, ranging from the Select to the GT, with a base price starting at ~$42,000. However, the dealership markups can be frustrating. On the other hand, Tesla keeps it straightforward with three all-wheel-drive models, starting at around ~$43,000. Buying a Tesla is simple and hassle-free, as it is all done online.  More information can be seen here.

In 2024, the Tesla Model Y (all variants including Rear Wheel Drive, Long Range, and Performance) qualify for the full $7500 federal tax credit.  However, the Ford Mach-E lost its federal tax credit eligibility completely. This makes buying a Tesla Model Y more appealing if you meet the income requirements for the federal tax credit.

Charging Network

Tesla’s supercharging network is superior to any other. With convenience, ease of use, quantity of chargers, and real-time supercharging information, no other charging network can compete. 

However, Ford adopted Tesla’s NACS plug and Superchargers, making charging no longer a decisive factor in the future.


Now let’s compare range because that is a key factor when deciding which electric vehicle to buy. Keep in mind that with both the Tesla Model Y and Mach-E, you typically only want to charge the battery up to 80% for daily driving to limit battery degradation. 

The Tesla Model Y has 3 models. 

  • Rear wheel drive 260 miles 
  • Long Range 310 miles 
  • Performance 285 miles 

Ford Mach E has 4 models

  • Select 250 miles 
  • Premium 250 miles 
  • California Route 1  312 miles
  • GT 270 miles

Driving Experience

The Ford Mach-E is a very pleasant car to drive. From the minimal blindspots to the ride height, I felt like I was driving a more comfortable Tesla Model Y.

The suspension is improved and absorbed the bumps better, and yet handling was still firmly planted on the ground. Even though this is an SUV, the Ford Mach-E did a great job with their suspension and is definitely more comfortable than the Tesla Model Y.


Ford’s version of Autopilot is the Blue Cruise where it will stay in the lane, change lanes, and maintain speeds. However, it is only available on certain parts of the freeway. Furthermore, there is a subscription fee after 3 years, to keep Blue Cruise.

Tesla on the other hand, has a free version of Autopilot, Enhanced Autopilot (EAP), and Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta, which takes driving assistance to a whole new level. EAP and FSD are a flat one time fee, and it works on all freeways.

Tech Features & App

Tesla’s reluctance to integrate Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is a head-scratcher, while the Mach-E offers both. However Tesla excels in technology and unique entertainment options. For example you can play games and watch Netflix in the Tesla. Tesla also has “Dog mode” and “Camp mode” that the Ford lacks. 

Both Tesla and Ford have a phone app. However there are many more features with the Tesla. For Ford, you can only unlock the car, start the car, see charge rate, honk the horn, and see tire pressure. With Tesla there are many more options including climate control, see GPS location, summon the car, view live camera, schedule charging, remote start the car and more.


Tesla is known for their minimalist interior. There’s a giant iPad looking screen that controls everything. Ford on the other hand is similar to a traditional car with buttons that are intuitive to use.

In the Ford Mach-E there’a push to start button, which is ironic in an electric car. Most car manufacturers haven’t come to terms that there is no need for an electric car to have a button to start or stop it. The infotainment was good, but not great. There are different drive modes to choose from from ECO all the way to Sport. I found the maps too be laggy at times compared to Tesla’s, but overall it wasn’t bad.

ford mach e interior
Ford Mach-E Interior

The seats in the Ford Mach-E are comfortable but for me, being 6 foot 3, I found that the Model Y seats were a little bit more comfortable with the bolsters for padding and support.

Ford Mach-E Rear Seats
Ford Mach-E Rear Seats

Storage Space

In regard to storage space, both the Model Y and Mach-E have a decent sized front trunk (frunk) that can fit a small carry-on baggage. 

I did a luggage test and in the Tesla Model Y, with 3 adults, I was able to fit 6 full-sized luggages with one of the rear seats down. The Ford Mach-E is slightly smaller, but can still fit 5 full-sized luggages with one of the rear seats down.

Ford Mach-E Cargo


Safety is a crucial factor, and both the Mach-E and Model Y are IIHS’ top safety picks. However, the Model Y gains a slight advantage in night-time pedestrian front crash prevention.


In the end, it’s a battle of preferences. The Tesla Model Y is a computer on wheels and its advanced technology and self driving features makes it a car of the future. One major advantage is that it qualifies for the full $7500 tax credit in 2024. 

Ford makes great vehicles and their Mach-E is a blueprint of that. It has lots of elements of other Ford vehicles, but with a touch of electric. It is easy to drive making this a great first time electric car for new electric vehicle owners.

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