We took our Tesla Model X on a camping trip to Convict Lake in the beautiful Mammoth Lakes California. This was our first time camping with the Tesla Model X,and it was such a beautiful and serene trip.  I also created a Youtube video on this.

convict lake campground
Convict Lake Campground

Convict Lake Campground

We camped at Convict Lake Campground. There’s a Tesla supercharger ~10 minutes away. The campsite reservations cost $31, and you can reserve it on Recreation.gov website.  We saw a few available walk-in campsites.

Rating 5/5. Bathrooms were very clean and there are many bathrooms. There’s also showers available at the Convict Resort for a fee. It is a little far, so you might want to take a short drive there.  Each campsite has a table, fire pit, and bear storage container. 

Convict Lake is right next to the campground and it is beautiful year-around. There’s a flat walking trail that circles the lake. It is also dog friendly, which is a huge plus! Convict Lake has limited cell & wifi reception, so it is great for disconnecting and enjoying the nature.

Tesla Camping

We went camping in June, but it was still a bit cold. During the daytime, the highs were 60Fs, but at night it was in the 30Fs. 

During the night, we left our Tesla heater on set at 76F for 10 hours and lost 17% in charge. The battery started at 91% and by the morning, it was 74%. I didn’t have to worry about running out of charge, because the Tesla automatically turns the climate off, if the charge drops below 20%. Also, there is a Tesla Supercharger just 10 minutes away. 

We used the Napier Sportz SUV Tent, which allowed us to attach the tent to our Tesla and keep the trunk open. 

If you’re planning to use an SUV tent, I recommend choosing a campsite that is flat, as the majority of the sites there have stairs, which would make it impossible to attach the tent to the car. We had campsite #72, which was perfect.

napier sportz suv tent
Napier Sportz SUV Tent

Tent Review

We camped using the Napier Sportz SUV Tent with the Tesla Model X. The tent attaches to the Tesla with multiple straps. It also has a screen room, which was very helpful to store our dirty shoes and things we didn’t want to keep inside the tent. It was very windy and rained a lot while we camped, but the tent held up very well! 

I have also tried Tesloid’s Model Y Camping Tent, which is a great option as well. It is smaller and perfect for two people. I love that it is very portable, and easy to assemble and store.  Use code EVERYDAYCHRIS for 10% OFF Tesloid products.

Camping with a SUV tent makes camping so much easier because you don’t have to go back and forth between your car and tent to get things. Also, it provides so much more space.

tesloid model y camping tent
Tesloid Model Y Camping Tent

Final Thoughts

Overall, this was an excellent Tesla camping experience and I will be back again. Convict Lake Campground is amazing and I highly recommend it. Camping with the Tesla and an SUV tent was a game changer and made everything easier.

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