The Tesla wood trim dashboard cover makes your Tesla look modern, clean, and unique.

Today, I’m reviewing the Hills Tesla Wood Trim Dashboard cover. I also created a Youtube video on this, that you can view below:


The Hills dashboard cover is made with high quality real wood from Germany, and it’s easy to install

They have a ton of different shades of wood options, including walnut, maple, purple heart, ebony, and koa

Quality: It is made of real wood. I love how easy it is to clean. Also, it is UV protected, so it won’t crack under the sun.  

Price: $$ – $$$

  • Dashboard alone ~$279-$399 USD depending on wood 
  • Center console alone  ~$189-$269 USD depending on wood
  • Bundle of dashboard & center console  $469-668 USD (depending on wood)
tesla wood center console
Walnut Center Console


Installation is easy. 

For the center console, place a pen in the middle of the center console, and stick the cover on both sides. Then, use 2 credit cards to make sure the lid isn’t touching the center area. Honestly it just takes some patience and time as you don’t want to mess up, and you want it to align perfectly. Use some alcohol to clean the surface. Remove the 3M tape and press.

hills tesla installation
hills tesla installation

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Hills Dashboard cover has a solid look and more organic than the OEM.

If you want high quality material and craftsmanship, then the Hills dashboard is worth it.


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