Tesla is known for their advanced technology and self-driving capabilities. However, while some features come standard with the purchase of a Tesla, the upgraded feature of full self-driving (FSD) now costs $15,000

So with this hefty price tag, is Tesla full self-driving (FSD) worth it?

I also created a Youtube video on this, you can check it out here if you’re interested.

tesla full self driving

What Features are Standard with the Tesla?

Tesla cars come with basic autopilot, with no additional fee. This includes:

  • Blind spot monitoring 
  • Auto-braking and collision warning
  • Lane keep assist
tesla blind spot monitoring
Blind Spot Monitoring
tesla collision warning
Auto-Braking & Collision Warning
  • Green light chime 
    • Tesla will notify you when the traffic light turns green, with a chime  
  • Autosteer
    • Assists in steering, accelerate, and brake automatically within its lane
tesla traffic light green light chime
Green Light Chime
tesla lane keep assist
Lane Keep Assist

What is Enhanced Autopilot?

Enhanced autopilot is a feature that Tesla keeps taking away and bringing back. It was offered in 2019 for $5,000 dollars, but then they took it away. Now it’s back for a sweet price of $6,000. 

Personally, I think enhanced autopilot is worth it. Enhanced autopilot is super helpful on long road trips, in crazy traffic, and in heavy rainstorms when you don’t want to get wet.

It Includes:

  • Navigate on Autopilot 
    • This is Tesla’s full self-driving on freeways, where the Tesla can change lanes by itself to pass slow cars, knows which lane to be in to follow the route, as well as take the freeway exit for you. 
tesla navigate on autopilot
Navigate on Autopilot - Change lanes on its own to follow route
  • Autopark 
    • The car reverses into a spot or parallel parks using the cameras. This is still a hit-or-miss for me, as sometimes my Tesla doesn’t recognize the parking spot and can take a long time. 
tesla autopark
  • Summon
    • Summon is useful if you need to get the Tesla into or out of tight space, such as a garage. You control summon via your Tesla phone app. 
  • Smart Summon 
    • You can summon the Tesla to come to you in a parking lot. It’s pretty cool and “smart” in that it waits for cars and pedestrians, and traffic signals. However, it doesn’t work well all the time.
    • Eventually it will be able to find a parking spot and  self-park, but that’s in the future
Tesla Smart Summon Enabled

What is Full Self-Driving?

Full sell-driving is Tesla’s most expensive package. You get Autosteer on city streets. The Tesla will drive itself to your destination. 

It’s not perfect and is still a beta program, however has a lot of potential in the future.

tesla fsd beta
Full Self-Driving

You should buy Enhanced Autopilot or Full Self-Driving IF:

  • You take your Tesla on road trips or long commutes
    • We’ve gone on many road trips, including a 2000 mile roadtrip to Oregon, and having Navigate on Autopilot (available on Enhanced Autopilot and FSD) made our trips so much more stress-free and easy to do.  
  • You love technology 
    • Tesla’s technology is advanced and is always getting better. Having FSD is fun to use for a tech lover like myself.
  •  You may want FSD in the future.  
    • The price of FSD is always increasing. When I initially purchased FSD in 2021, it was $8,000. It has now almost doubled the price in 1.5 years, up to $15,000.

You should NOT buy FSD IF:

  • You don’t trust self-driving cars or technology 
    • While the self-driving technology is advanced and I love it, it is not perfect (yet). It will not bring you to your destination seamlessly. There are many times I’ve had to take over control because either I felt the situation was unsafe or my Tesla prompted me to. 
  • You don’t have the extra bucks to spend 
    • While full self driving is nice to have, it definitely is not necessary. Your Tesla will function just fine without it! 

Final Thoughts

Overall, I personally think Enhanced Autopilot is worth it at $6,000. My wife and I both drive the Tesla and use the enhanced autopilot features all the time and it has made driving so much easier.  However the Full-self driving package is still a work in progress and is quite pricey. So if you don’t have an extra $15,000 laying around, it probably isn’t worth it. They also have subscription plans, so you can try it out and see if you like it.


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